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Juniors is a section made specifically for teenagers and tend to follow younger people's trends. This is in general a tighter fit for shirts and pants for girls and tend to be looser for boys.

Misses; however, is specifically for women and it concentrates on the fashion interests of young women, usually between the junior's styles and women's styles. It may include petite sizes and a more dressed up or more casual feel than the styles of junior girls. Also, the sizes tend to run a bit wider than the juniors because women tend to have larger bodies than junior girls who have not fully developed in their teenage years.

The biggest difference other than possible style differences between juniors and misses clothing is the way the clothing is cut. Misses clothing is generally cut more generously in the bust and hips, where as juniors clothing is generally cut straighter. The size numbers are also different: juniors clothing is sized in odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, etc.), while misses clothing is sized in even numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, etc.).

Additionally, the cut of the clothing is different because of body maturity. Back in the days (50's/60's) when most dresses were made of cotton and had "darts" as part of the shaping of the garment, the darts allowed for different placement of the bust. On a Junior size, the bust is higher on the chest wall than that of Misses sized clothing. This change usually will take place after having given birth, or eventually gravity will take it's course in women who never have children. This same change of nature also applies to the hip area in the way in which lower body clothing are cut between the two size catagories. In Junior sizing, the rise of the crotch area is shorter from waistline to inseam than that of Misses. This too is affected by the spreading of the pelvic region during the course of pregnancy/childbirth. Both size catagories may have the same bust/waist/hip measurements, but they will differ in the torso region as to where those corresponding body measurements will be.

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Q: What is the difference between junior and misses sizes in women's clothing?
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What is the difference between misses and junior sizes?


What is junior size 7 in misses?

A junior size 7 would be the equivalent of a misses 6. Misses clothing are cut with fuller thighs and hips, so it would be a smaller size for juniors.

What is the difference between misses and petitie sizes in women's clothing?

petite sizes are for shorter women

Difference between misses and men XL clothing?

one's for women and one's for obese men...?

What is the difference between women's and misses sizes in women's clothing?

Womens's are the plus sizes and misses are the in shape one. I have no Idea why the separate the womens from the misses in my own opinion I believe that women's and misses are all the same things.

How do you convert junior size clothing to misses sizes?

Not a simple answerIt is not a simple conversion. What makes "junior" clothing different than "misses" clothing is the cut. Junior clothing is made for pre-teen and young teen girls who really don't have much of a shape yet. Even the larger sized will be cut more straight, not allowing for curves. Sometimes the pants and skirts will be a little shorter, too. Misses clothing is cut to allow the clothing to maintian its shape while allowing room for a chest and hips. Regular misses clothing is cut to fit a slightly taller person than regular junior clothing. On top of that, there is no standarized guidelines for sizing female clothing. If you have shopped different stores and different brand names, you know that you may be one size according to one store and a different size according to another.

What is the difference between misses and talls in womens clothing?

Misses sizes are for heavier women or women with larger bodies and tall sizes are just longer. Sometimes the two body types coincide.

Is there a difference in size 16w and 18 misses?

There is only a slight difference between 16w and 18 misses. 16w is slightly wider and shorter than 18 misses.

If a girl wears a size 3 in junior sizes what is the size in women's sizes?

Junior sizes are a slimmer cut and typically fall between the misses so a size 3 jr would be a misses 2 or 4. Misses are a little fuller cut so I would suggest the smaller size in misses.

What misses clothing size would equal a size 13 in junior's?

I have always found that this formula works for me: Junior size minus 3 = misses size. So, if you're a 13 in juniors then you would wear a 10 in misses. If you're an 11 in juniors then you would be an 8 in misses.

What is the difference between misses and petite sizes?


What is the difference between misses and women sizes in women's clotheing?

there is no real different

What is the difference between the women's clothing size 2x and 2XL?

xxl is a misses size and is shaped in a hour glass, 2XL is a woman sized shirt with extra room in breast and stomach area

What is junior size 11 equivalent to in misses size?


What is the difference between ladies and womens sizes?

if you're talking about misses and women's, misses is generally smaller and women's is larger or plus sizes there is none!

If you wear a size 7 in Juniors what would that be in Misses?

If I wear a junior size 7, what size would I wear in a misses size?

What is a misses size 2 in junior size?

HmMm well misses are a tad bit bigger in the waist so a 14 maybe.

Exciting Choice in Misses Size Clothing?

If you are looking for the hottest clothing trends, then you are likely to find them represented in the Misses clothing department at your local department stores. Buyers across the industry realize that reaching out to women who are looking for the latest trends in order to get their business, is going to help them gain both customers and more sales. The clothing retail business is competitive and retailers are constantly trying to out perform their competitors in every way. This is awesome news for the ladies out there who care about fashion. The Misses departments are refreshed every season, to offer excellent variety and great quality clothing. The prices are great, but couple great prices with heavy discounts and other sale offers, and they become downright amazing. Misses clothing almost always is picked to appeal to the young professional. Things like skirts and sweaters are a good bet for any season. This can also include casual jackets, slacks and some varieties of jeans. When you think of misses clothing, think of what you might be able to wear to your office on Fridays. Reaching out to professional women is one way that buyers are able to fill the racks with excellent options for career clothing. Most women work in business casual settings and finding trendy clothes for work should never be a challenge against their time or their budget. The biggest difference between Misses and Junior clothing is the sizing. Misses are cut a little differently, so that they actually fit most adult women. Juniors clothing is cut completely differently. Expect to find less of a variety of juniors styles in the Misses department, although sometimes you will be able to find the same thing in both sizes. Some people just never fit into clothing in the juniors department, so there are going to be some options in the Misses department that will appeal to the younger crowd as well.

If a girl wears a size 11 in junior sizes what is the size in womens?

She would wear a misses 10 or 12 depending on the fit because junior sizes are cut differently than misses sizes.

What size in misses jeans equals junior size 3?

Size 6

What is a key difference between this retelling of the folk tale and the traditional versions?

IT misses key parts of the story

Difference between a size 12 and 12W?

There is a difference between a Misses size 12 and a Women's size 12W. Traditional plus or "women's" sizing is cut with a deeper arm hole, lower and larger bust-line, and larger waist compared to hip ratio than "Misses" sizes. This results in 12W being about one size larger than a Misses Size 12. This cut difference also means a better fit for differing body types. Those women with a traditional hour glass or pear body type will usually find a Misses size range fits better. Women who have a rounder, more apple shaped figure and carry their weight mainly in the bust and abdomen, will find the traditional plus-size clothing or Women's Sizes will fit their figures better.

What is the difference between size 18W and size 18?

18W is in Women's sizes, (fuller cut) and 18 is in misses' size (slimmer cut).

What is a missy size?

It is an intermediate size range of women's clothing. Missy means misses sizes.

What is the size difference between Misses and Womens?

Misses are for people who have a more slender, skinnier frame and waistline and are technically geared toward the teenager population who are still growing. Women's sizes are for the older woman with the curvier figure (not to be confused with overweight).

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