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Kosher is food blessed with holy water and untouched by human hands

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Q: What is the difference between kosher and non kosher?
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What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher pickles?

Non-kosher pickles have non-kosher ingredients.

Whats the difference between kosher and non kosher pickles?

It depends on the ingredients that are used.

Is kosher beef more tender than non-kosher beef?

No, there is no difference in tenderness between kosher and non-kosher beef. The animals are raised in the exact same way with the only difference being the way in which they are slaughtered and that as part of the kashering process, kosher beef is salted to draw out excess blood.

What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher?

Kosher food have been produced under the supervision or a Jewish Rabbi, whereas non kosher foods have not. _________ Correction: Kosher food does not require a Rabbi's involvement. When talking about commercially prepared food, the kitchen has to be supervised by a 'mashgiach'. Any orthodox Jew can be a mashgiach. Kosher food is prepared with kosher ingredients following the laws of kashrut.

What is the difference between Kosher butchers and everyday butchers?

Kosher butchers sell kosher meat, other butchers do not.

Can a banana be non kosher?

A banana can be rendered non-kosher if it is cut with a non-kosher utensil, served on a non-kosher dish, and/or mixed with non-kosher food items.

What is the difference between kosher food and halal food?

Muslim is Halal, while Jewish is kosher.

What is the difference between kosher and glatt kosher?

Glatt kosher is stricter, meaning that kosher animals get checked more closely for any scars in their lungs.

How is a kosher restaurant laid out?

A kosher restaurant is laid out the same way as a non-kosher restaurant. The key difference (aside from being kosher) is that kosher restaurants serve either meat OR dairy, never both.

What is the difference between a kosher butcher and a regular butcher?

A kosher butcher will only sell kosher meat. Regular butchers don't sell kosher meat.

Are potato kosher?

Yes, potatoes are kosher as they're a plant. However, if they're cooked in a non-kosher kitchen or non-kosher foods are mixed with them, they will be rendered non-kosher.

Can you kosher a non-kosher recipe?

Yes! You don't need a kosher cookbook. Just remove the non-kosher ingredients.

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