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Muslim is Halal, while Jewish is kosher.

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Q: What is the difference between kosher food and halal food?
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What is the difference between Halal and Kosher food?

Not much difference - Halal is practiced by Muslims, and Kosher is practiced by Jews. Neither eat pork, and each have requirements on how their meat is slaughtered and processed.

Are kosher food is halal for Muslim?

Kosher is similar to halal, so Muslims are permitted to eat kosher food.

Is all halal food also kosher?

No. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All kosher food is halal (allowed) food for Muslims to eat (with the exception of kosher alcohol). However, not all halal Muslim food is kosher food. refer to question below.

Why do Muslims eat kosher food?

Yes, but their form of kosher is Halal. _______ When halal food isn't available, most Muslims will eat kosher food.

Kosher and halal food?

Kosher is more strict than Halal. It can be said that everything that is Kosher is automatically Halal. Not the other way around, though.

What is the difference between halal and kosher?

well halal is for Muslims and kosher is for Jewish people____________________________________________In addition to the above that is absolutely true:Halal is an Arabic word that means allowed per Islam rules and Guides. Accordingly when said halal food it means food allowed for Muslims to eat.Kosher means allowed food for Jews to eat.Kosher food is also halah (allowed) food for Muslims to eat.

Can kosher food be halal?

Yes, as the rules for kashrut are more strict than those for halal, kosher food is considered fit by Muslims.

Is there halal or kosher food in Bogota Colombia Like a halal butcher or something like that?

There is kosher food available in Bogota including kosher restaurants. A Google search for 'kosher food bogota' pulls up all sorts of information.

What are Sikhs not allowed to eat?

halal or kosher food

What are Sikh's not allowed to eat?

halal or kosher food

Is all Kosher food also Halal?

Yes it is. Now there is a distinction between what is Halal (permitted) and what is Thabeeha (Islamic slaughtering of meat which has certain specific requirements that may not be done in Kosher slaughtering). But permitted would be anything that is truly Kosher.

Is kosher meat halal?

Yes, if Muslim food is not available.

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