What is the difference between liking someone and loving someone?


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The difference between liking someone and loving is that when you like someone you just think that they are cute or something, If you love someone it means you are willing to either go out or them or marry them.

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Loving is easy and not very time consuming, But liking that 24/7/365!

Loving goes beyond liking. Loving would be more unconditional. That is, you would want to do almost anything for her even if it means making sacrafices for yourself.

The difference between patient loving and loving patience is that one of them is dealing with love, and the other is with patience. Patient loving means that someone is slow and patient in the way that they fall in love with someone, and loving patience means that someone has a love of patience, and likes being patient with people.

Loving a person means loving someone and loving how they make you feel means loving the manner of the person who make you feel.

When you like someone you like them enough to hang out with them but, when you love someone that's when you know that is the person your going to spend the rest of your life with:]]]

This question could be answered in so many ways. You'll know when you love someone, because it's an unexplanable feeling. Liking someone, you can put into words for the most part. But loving someone, is just that amazing feeling that you can't describe.

We all know loving your sis would never be romantic and loving someone is practically being in love sooo that's kinda weird question to ask

It's fine to love someone! There is a big difference between loving someone and becoming intimate with someone.

When you really love someone, you can tell them anything. You can trust them with anything and know in your heart that you can trust that loved one. Someone you love will always make you smile no matter what. When you really love someone, you could forgive them no matter what. Hope that helps you.

the real difference is not known but , when you love someone , your willing to give your all and be with that person through all trials and tribulations. when you have feelings for someone, you can easily call them your friend than a lover or girlfriend.

Loving someone means you want only happiness for them and are willing to sacrifice what you may want now to make sure they have what they need. Lust means you are mostly concerned about what they can do for you, especially in a physical sense.

Liking someone is not necessarily loving someone. We all can "like" someone without being romantically involved. If you think the gal is taking a liking to you, then ask her out for a hamburger. If she declines, at least you will know.

You are second-guessing the feelings of this other person and you have absolutely no idea what they are thinking about you. Instead, you are wishing this to be true. You can't make someone love you. There is a big difference between someone liking you (as a friend) and loving you romantically. Take it easy and let Mother Nature take her course.

loving patience you are loving while waiting while patient love is waiting to love...

There's a difference between 'loving someone' and 'being in love with someone'. Listen to your heart not your head. Make a choice, and make sure it's the right one.

Loving, admiring, fancying, adoring.

Time will tell. Falling in love is transitory and all too short. Loving someone has the elements of more time together, knowing their foibles and liking them. Sort of like having the choice of one beautiful color or a kaleidoscopic view.

When appropriate and loving discipline is incorporated, that is nurturing.

It means you will never stop them from loving you ? Meaning like .. You cant stop them from realy liking you .

start liking justin.loving her song

A skill is where you love the dick, a characteristic is loving snatch.

Just be up front with it, and explain that liking involves enjoying someone's company, and loving implies a willingness to seriously commit oneself to a relationship. There is nothing wrong with either position, as long as everyone involved is clear about it. Perhaps liking is similar to 'friends with benefits'. Same general idea.

when you love someone it can be questionable but when you're in love nothing else matters the ony thing you need is each other and it feels like magic everytime you talk or touch

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