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What is the difference between local oscillator and crystal oscillator?

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oscillator frequency is different.crystal working piezo electric effect

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What is the difference between crystal and local oscillator?

A local oscillator can be a crystal oscillator.

Differetiate between LC oscillators and crystal controlled oscillators?

difference between local oscillator and controlled oscillator

What is the purpose of an crystal oscillator?

Crystal Oscillators are more stable oscillator. and used as Local Oscillator in Radio Receivers

What is difference between self excited mixer and separately excited mixer?

location of local oscillatorself - oscillator is integral to mixerseparate - oscillator is a physically separate stage

What is function of an local oscillator?

A local oscillator is an electronic device used to generate a signal normally for the purpose of converting a signal of interest to a different frequency using a mixer. This process of frequency conversion, also referred to as heterodyning, produces the sum and difference frequencies of the frequency of the local oscillator and frequency of the input signal of interest. These are the beat frequencies. Normally the beat frequency is associated with the lower sideband, the difference between the two.

What is a local oscillation?

A local oscillator is used in a superheterodyne radio circuit for example.The incoming radio frequency is mixed with an internal local oscillator circuit to generate a new intermediate frequency (IF) .The local oscillator usually runs at a frequency of 470kHz and is generated by an inductor and capacitor(LC oscillator)

What equipment uses a crystal oscillator in its operation?

Your quartz watch, your cell phone, all electronics that uses a computer inside. The quartz crystal forms the time base for the digital pulses. Crystal oscillators are also used in radio receivers and transmitters to provide accuracy in frequency selection. In a transmitter it provides the exitation frequency. In the receiver it provides the local oscillator in a superhetrodyne setup. Multifrequency devices (tunable and channelised radio) take the local oscillator and multiply and divide it, to provide a comparison frequency for a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). The VCO is then controlled by a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) which holds the required frequency very accurately.

What is the difference between local oscillator and oscillator?

Oscillator is a generic word for any circuit that produces an alternative signal. The shape of the signal, its stability and its output impedance are not considered in this case. "Local oscillator" is one specific type of oscillator used in radio receiver for the purpose of frequency conversion. the input Radio Frequency( RF ) signal is "mixed" with the local oscillator signal and the subtraction of two frequencies is obtained at the output. "Mixing" in this context means: "multiplication"\ In some other context in electronics (specially audio) mixing means "adding" the mathematical operation for local oscillator is F out=Fin - F loc.osc. The output of the mixing operation can also be Fin+F loc.Osc. But this higher frequency is usually filtered out. The local oscillator needs to be a pure sine wave with a very good frequency stability and usually very stable output voltage. Recently very good "synthesizers" are introduced in the market that permit generation "programmable local oscillation"

How to calculate image frequency?

f (image) = 2 * f (local oscillator) + fc ................. if f ( l.o ) > fc f (image) = 2* f (local oscillator) - fc

The FM receiver is tuned 98.3 mhz if 10.7 mhz local oscillator frequency is?

The question probably should be, "If the FM receiver is tuned to 98.3MHz and the IF (intermediate frequency) is 10.7MHz, then what frequency is the local oscillator running at?" The answer would be 87.6MHz but i could be 109MHz and would still work. The local oscillator is mixed with the received signal and what comes out contains both the sum and the difference of the two frequencies. The amplifiers that follow are highly tuned to the IF and so only that frequency is amplified and demodulated by the receiver.

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what is the difference between the branch and the local company

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What is the purpose of a local oscillator in mixer?

A local oscillator is a device that generates a sinusoidal signal with a frequency such that the receiver is able to generate the correct resulting frequency, or intermediate frequency (IF), for further amplification and conversion into audio detection. There is one local oscillator in a single conversion super heterodyne receiver where heterodyning or mixing is used to generate beat frequencies, which may be the sum or the difference of two frequencies. The local oscillator is usually adjustable and in step with the increment or decrement in the receiver frequency. For instance, if the receiver is tuned to 1,455 kilohertz (kHz) as radio frequency input (RF-in), the local oscillator frequency (LOF) may be set to 1,910 kHz for a so-called high side injection. The two signals are fed to an electronic device known as the mixer, which derives LOF - RF-in = IF or 455 kHz, which suggests why amplitude modulation (AM) broadcast receivers have about four stages of low-power amplifiers tuneable to 455 kHz.

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What should be the oscillator frequency for tuning in 710 KHz on AM radio with a 455 KHz IF?

The local oscillator could be either 1165 KHz (710+455) or 255 KHz (710-455).

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