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What is the difference between loyalist and patriots?


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loyalist=loyal to king of England

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Loyalists supporting the king and patriots supported the nascent American Congress.

Neutral ^ that's wrong loyalist is someone who was loyal to Great Brittan and a patriot was someone who was against Great Brittan. After the Revolutionary war the patriots won and that is how the 13 colonies became the USA.

loyalists hold the kings side of view patriots hold the colonists point of view

'Loyalists' were loyal to the Crown of England. 'Patriots' supported the war for independence during the time of the American Revolution. Loyalist were fighting under command of British. While, the Patriots aka rebels fought for there independence.

The patriots tarred and feathered the loyalists. They also ruined loyalist houses.

patriots didnt like the taxes and loyalists just wanted to stay loyal to England and pay the taxes

What have in common the Patriots and the Loyalists?

loyalist are rich and patriots aren't.

The patriots separated family's and the loyalist didn't like the way the patriots are giving them freedom hope this is the answer u r looking for :)

the loyalist is against the patriots

to spt on the patriots

loyalist were loyal to the king and believed in the british church .patriots were more about independence andmoving on from they're contry.

patriots had freedom from the king loyalist were required to stay by the kings side. Patriots had it a lot better!!!

The patriots wanted to split from England while the Loyalists wanted to stay with England and were against the Declaration of Independence.

No, loyalists are loyal to king, patriots want war.

They both were British people or you can say Englishmen. The also lived the same way just difference partys. To add on to what I saying the only thing about them living the same way is that the rich patriots and loyalist live alike, the mid rich patriots and loyalist live the same, and the poor patriots and loyalists live the very same. This is just some ways they are alike.

The Tories were - Loyalists The Patriots were - Rebels No Neutral team

The patriots won the battle when they made the Declaration of Independence.

patriots hated the loyalists because the loyalists were loyal to the king and the patriots wanted freedom

a loyalist is a person who is too scared to stand up and fight for what is right

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