What is the difference between masculine and feminine when using the word 'prefer' in French?

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preferred (the past participle) - préféré (masculine) préférée (feminine)
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Is the word it feminine or masculine in french?

There is no word in French for the neuter pronoun "it" because French grammar knows only masculine and feminine gender. Use the masculine or feminine pronoun, il or elle,

Why do the french use masculine and feminine words?

This is a quite tricky theme, but it has got a simple answer. "Gender" of words may have 2 main roles: 1) As far as living beings are concerned: _In some cases, they

Do you use la for masculine or feminins for french?

'la' is used for feminine nouns, like 'une'. ex: la maison, une maison ; la nuit, la voiture, la lune, la salade. 'le' and 'un' are used for masculine nouns. ex: le chi

Why is the masculine and feminine words in french?

You mean what are they...... for one guy you say Il for one girl you say Elle for a group for girls you say Elles for a group of girls with only one or more guys i

Is the French word 'cours' feminine or masculine?

Cours in French is feminine when it is the plural of cour ("court of justice," "courtship," "courtyard"),masculine when it is a synonym for "(school) class," and neitherwhen
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Is the French word 'bas' feminine or masculine?

Bas in French is masculine as a noun for "bottom" or "stocking" oras an adjective for "low" even though it has no gender as an adverbfor "down" or "downstairs."