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What is the difference between mastero card and visa card?


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Different credit provider companies


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The difference between Visa Card and Master Card is the issuing bank. Other differences include interest rates and balance transfer rates.

Well... visa and master card are both types of credit cards... they are pretty much identical, kinda like coke and pepsi

Visa gift cards are normally used for a one time purchase. Visa Travel is more like a credit card. One can use it at an ATM and dispute purchases. Both the gift card and the travel card are both prepaid.

The company name and logo. Essentially the do the same thing.

The major difference is of Credit Limit. Visa Platinum Card is issued to the high networth customers. Sometimes, it is issued 'by invitation only' (e.g., Bank Alfalah Limited, Pakistan). Moreover, some special privileges like "Priority Pass" card are provided to VISA Platinum cardmembers.

A green card allows a person to live and work here. A visa allows a person to visit for a set period of time and go home.

Well, i think it is because its the difference =t/3of the space comunity\ so the anser is: Credit visa debit cards are accepted and are easier to transfer amounts from bank to card, or card to card. Mastercard-wich i own, is a little difficult to get transfered with banks. It also is quite a hassle. So, in my opinion, go for visa!

The visa debit card is used for any purchase you would normally make with your credit card. The difference is that the visa debit can be used just like a debit card and a credit card. It has the versatility of both. You can make purchases with this card wherever visa is excepted, there are no restrictions.

The major difference between Visa and Discover is that Visa is accepted in more places. They are both credit cards, both with their own perks.

No the visa gift card is a gift card and a visa is a credit card.

what is the difference between refusal and denial

Visa and MasterCard are two different companies that issue credit cards. The credit card companies charge different 'per transaction' fees depending on the volume of sales of a particular retailer. Visa and MasterCard are simply the company and network that provides the instrument with which you use to make the charge. Basically i prefer visa virtual credit card.

maestro card is less accepted in some foreign countries while visa credin is widely accepted in all countries and all websites.But their functionality is same this is just like a single brand with different products

A debit card is a card that is connected to your bank account. If you pay with your debit card, your purchases will be charged to your bank account. A visa card is usually an unsecured credit card. When you pay with a credit card, the issuer pays for your purchases and the issuer will bill you for the purchases with additional interest for using their services. In other words, your purchases are on credit.

Visa mileage plus explorer is a credit card that offer not only mileage bonuses, but also other perks such as free check baggage and priority boarding. The mileage plus explorer program is also being offered by several banks. On the other hand, a Visa gold card is a credit card that provide higher limits and security. Both cards can provide the best credit card offers that people can benefit from.

A Chase gift card is actually a prepaid Visa gift card. The only difference is that it is sponsored by Chase credit card company. You can use this card anywhere that accepts Visa, even online and buy what you want.

There are various differences between H1 Visa and the H1B Visa. Both of them are temporary visas, but the HIB is more flexible for working conditions.

They make no difference. Both are eligible for P visa. The type of P visa varies depending on the nature of the programs they conduct.

A permanant resident I believe is somebody here with a green card a legal alien is somebody here on a visa!

on the front of the visa card

Visa card does not have a specific meaning. The Visa card is a credit card company. Visa cards are accepted at retailers all over the world.

there are 16 digits on a visa card

yes you can because it is your money on a card.

11, I'm 11 and i have a Visa Debit card with Lloyds TSB, a proper visa debit card.

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