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What is the difference between matter a compound and an element?

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An element is only a chemical element, only a single type of atoms.
A compound contain 2 or more atoms of different atoms.
Matter can be an element, a compound or a mixture of compounds.

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What is the difference between element and a mineral?

An element is matter made up of only one type of atom and a mineral can be a compound made of multiple elements

Difference between heterogeneous matter and homogeneous matter?

Homogeneous matter has a uniform composition and properties. It may exist as a mixture (brass), a compound (water), or an element (pure iron). Heterogeneous matter, such as granite, do not have a definite composition.

How is matter element atom crystal compound and molecule the same?

An element, atom, crystal, compound, and molecule are all forms of matter.

What is the difference between matter and compound?

matter and a compound dont have that much related to each other, matter is what you can feel and see, like mass, weight....a compound is two or more elements mixed together.

What is the difference between matter and element?

matter can be natural or unnatural, but element is natural _____________________________ An "element" is a pure sample in which every atom is the same, rather than a mixture of one or more elements. Iron is an element; every iron atom has 26 protons. "Matter" can refer to any mixture of elements, such as "steel", in which the iron is mixed with carbon, cobalt and manganese, for example. "Matter" may not refer to any particular element or compound.

What is either a compound or an element?

A pure substance is either a compound or an element. They are also homogeneous matter, though they are not mixtures.

What are the model of molecules of matter?

compound, element and mixture

What is meant by pure matter?

Pure Matter is a element or compound. Such as oxygen or water.

Is matter an element compound or mixture?

Matter is the general name given to any material or substance on Earth. Usually we read statements like: "All matter is made up of atoms". Another statement in science texts is: "Matter is anything with mass".So water is matter, air is matter, oxygen is matter. They all have mass.Water is a compound, air is a mixture and oxygen is an element.Matter can be an element, or a compound, or a mixture.

Matter that has a fixed composition?

Matter that has a fixed composition is a pure substance, such as an element or compound.

What are the four classes of matter?

Mixture, Element, Compound, and Solution!!

What happens to an element when it becomes a compound?

It still save it properties no matter if it join another compound

If all of the molecules of a sample of matter are alike what type of matter is it?

It is an element or a compound, it belongs to the order of pure matter.

What are the three general classes of matter?

Atom, element and compound i believe.

How does understanding of changes of matter become beneficial?

What exactly is matter? Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. There are two main ways of classifying matter. Matter is classified first by its physical state as a solid, liquid, or gas. Secondly, we classify matter by it chemical constitution as an element, a compound, or a mixture. We are going to learn about the differences between atoms, ions, and molecules, the differences between compounds, elements, and mixtures, and the difference between physical and chemical changes.

What is matter with a composition that always stays the same?

Matter with a definite composition is a pure substance, such as an element, molecule, molecular compound, or ionic compound.

What is the difference between a substance and a solution?

A substance is matter that is uniform in composition. A substance can be an element or compound. A solution is another name for a homogeneous mixture. It is also uniform in composition, but a solution is made by physically combining two or more substances.

Is organic matter an element mixture or compound?

Organic matter is organic compounds or mixtures of organic compounds.

What is the difference between physical properties of matter and chemical properties of matter?

Physical properties are things like... its melting point, its colour, its density, whether it is a liquid or a solid etc. It's chemical properties are things like, is it acidic or alkaline? Is it a metal or non metal? Is it an element or a compound.

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