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Media is everything form TV, Film, Radio, Print etc to computers, internet etc such as YouTube for example. But Media concentrate on the main ones like TV, Radio etc. IT is a part of a media studies. Multimedia on the other hand concentrate itself on IT, computers, image etc. It concetrate itself on making 2D, 3D imagery etc. In older times those two were one - Media. But because now its so wast, it needed to be divided and specialized. With Media you can work in TV or radio, etc. With Multimedia you can work in IT company. Both are using slightly different approach. In Media is for example working with camera or radio equipment compare to Multimedia which is mainly computer (IT) approach. Although those two use different approaches, they are crossing each other to some extent. Nowadays you can not work without IT, you can in fact, but with IT is everything easier. Component of IT you have in both of course.

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Q: What is the difference between media and multimedia?
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Multimedia is content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content. Multimedia contrasts with media that use only rudimentary computer displays such as text-only or traditional forms of printed or hand-produced material

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Since Multimedia technology and multimedia system are complementary part of each other ,so the difference between them is not so crucial. But one can pinpoint following differences: 1. Multimedia technology is computer based interactive applications having multiple media elements such as audio,video,text,image etc whereas multimedia system is the system that processes multimedia data and applications. 2. Multimedia system implements multimedia technologies and in turn it is used for enhancing multimedia technology whereas multimedia technology manages both the hardware and software to create and run multimedia system

Difference between passive and interactive multimedia?

Passive media does not require significant user activity or commands. Interactive multimedia in comparison is based on user control and manipulation. Interactive media includes gaming applications, where passive media can include the playback of audio files.

What is the difference between Print Media vs Electronic Media vs outdoor media?

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Multimedia - media company - was created in 1968.

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Multimedia is defined as the combination of different media elements such as text, pictures, sound and movie etc... In interactive multimedia, the user or operator is able to interact with the computer directly. (Eg: computer games, interactive websites, multimedia presentations or interactive Cd's etc..)

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What is relation between IT and multimedia?

IT and multimedia are two parts of the same coin. IT is actually required for many industries while social media can help to gather audience which are in need of your services. So, Every IT organization should have social media impact on its customers.

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What has the author John Conomos written?

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Multimedia software is software that can play and view all sorts of media, such as music, videos, and pictures. Some examples are VLC Media Player, and Windows Media Player.

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There are several differences between wired and wireless media. The biggest difference is that wired media is connected via copper wires and wireless media is connected via electromagnetic waves.

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