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Mercury is smaller than Mars. While Mars has two moons orbiting it, Mercury has none. Mercury has a hotter surface temperature than Mars due to the fact that it is closer to the Sun.

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what is the difference between earth amd mars besides that earth has life

There are three planets between Mars and the sun; Mercury, Venus, and Earth.

The average distance between Mars & Mercury is 105,040,062 miles, or 169,045,594km. That's roughly 1.13 Astronomical Units (AU).

Currently October 08 no planets are between Mars and Venus. Two planets can pass between them Mercury and Earth although in the case of Mercury Venus and Mars will also have the Sun between or nearly between them.Earth!!!!!!!!

The difference between Jupiter and Mercury is over 9000 km away.

Mercury is about 169.785 millions of kilometers away from Mars. (wonder how it takes astronauts to travel there.... ;)

There are three planets between Mars and the sun. They are Mercury, Venus, and Earth.

The orbit difference between Earth and Mars varies from 36,000,000 to 250,000,000 miles

the difference between mars and Venus is that Venus is made up of gasses and lava ,and mars has traces of water and may have at one point had life on it

The order of Mercury ,Venus and Mars by size is: Mercury ,Mars and Venus

Mercury is away from mars Mercury is away from mars THAT IS A STUPID ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 169,900,000 km

Sun -> Mercury -> Venus -> Earth -> Mars. There are 3 planets between The Sun and Mars.

Earth > Venus > Mercury > Mars

The sun is a newspaper and mars is a chocolate bar!

Mars is the hottest planetUranus is the coldest planet

No. The main belt is between Mars and Jupiter.

neptune has moons and mercury dosent

Mercury has a diameter of 3,745 km (4,208 miles)Mars has a diameter of 6,772 km (4,208 miles)Read more: Is_Mercury_bigger_than_MarsYes, Mars is bigger than Mercury.

Yes. Mercury Venus Earth and Mars is the order of the first 4 planets.

Mercury - it completes one rotation in 58 days.

Alcohol is a chemical compound and mercury is an element.

Inner planets are all planets that lie between the Sun and the Asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter, so Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are considered the inner planets.

it is a 7 million temperature difference

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