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the micro groove is button cut and ballard is the lands and grooves are not equally spaced

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Q: What is the difference between micro groove rifling in old firearms and Ballard type in new guns?
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What year did Marlin switch from micro groove to Ballard rifling?

Marlin switched from Ballard rifling to the newer micro-groove on their 81 DL model in 1954.

Does a Marlin 1895g 45-70 with the ported barrel serial number 01022916 have ballard or micro groove rifling and what is the year of manufacture?

It is Ballard style rifling, and should date to 1999. The year of manufacture is 2001. 1st 2 digits of serial # correspond to the year it was made. Ballard rifling is correct.

How do they do the rifling in firearms?

Can be hammer forged, cut or drawn.

What is the name of a cannon or firearm with an unrifled barrel?

Smoothbore: muskets, musketoon, carbine, blundebuss, howitzer. Rifling made a great difference to accuracy of firearms. I would add to that Mortars.

What is the difference between a musket and a rifle?

A musket is smooth bored, like a shotgun's bore. A rifle has rifling inside the bore (grooves).

What is the difference between the flintlock rifle and the musket?

Rifles have spiral grooves cut into the inside of the barrel, known as rifling. Muskets are smoothbore. Rifling causes the bullet to spin in flight, permitting accuracy at long ranges. Also slower to load.

What is the original part of the bore left after rifling?

When rifled, the rifling tool cuts the GROOVES. Material left between the grooves is the LANDS.

What are some differences between rifles and muskets?

Length, rifling (sometimes)

What is barrel twist?

In relation to firearms, it has to do with the rate of rifling in the barrel. Rifling is the spiral grooves that puts a spin on a bullet to increase it's accuracy. "Barrel twist" is the rate of spiraling or inches per turn. That is the length of barrel it takes to spin the bullet a full 360 degrees.

What is a rifle?

A rifle is a firearm with a shoulder-stock which is used to propel a bullet to strike a distant target. The Rifle is distinguished from the muskets of eras past, by the presence of 'rifling'. Rifling is the presence of spiral grooves cut into the interior of the barrel. Rifling induces a spin on the bullet resulting in more stable flight through the air. This spin has the effect of making the firearm more accurate by not only giving the bullet a straighter flight-path, but making the rifle's point of impact more consistent. (Consistency allows the user to properly adjust his sights to ensure his bullets hit where he or she aims.) Previous firearms such as muskets had no rifling. Today shotguns have shoulder stocks, but are typically smooth on the interior and have no rifling. (Some shotguns with rifled barrels exist to shoot specialty 'sabot' ammunition. While still called shotguns by the shooting community at large, the correct term for these firearms is Bore Rifle.) Modern handguns also incorporate rifling, but lack shoulder-stocks and are referred to as pistols.

How do you use rifling in a sentence?

He was rifling through his folders to find an important paper.

Why is rifling present in the bore of the barrel?

The rifling is there to spin the bullet, which gives greater accuracy.

What year did Marlin transition from Microgroove rifling to Ballard style in the 444 SS and did Marlin produce the 444 SS with Ballard rifling in a 1 in 38 twist or just 1 in 20?

Not sure when they went from micro-groove to Ballard type but they went to micro-groove rifling around 1954,a 1 in 38 twist is standard for most .44 Magnum &.444 but with some ammo makers making factory loads that use bullets that weigh more then 240grns. in weight buy a Ruger Deerfield simi-auto .44 magnum or their lever action .44 magnums because they have a rifling twist of 1 in 18 that will stabilize the heavier bullets and don't use the micro-groove rifling,also leading can be a problem in micro-groove barrels if your using soft lead and load them to more then 1200 feet per second so for that reason your better off to stick with jacketed bullets of not more then 240 grains when loading ammo for rifles with micro-groove barrels with the 1-38 twist if your going to be using heavy loads.Hope this info can be of some help to somebody, I have also noticed that the Ruger Deerfield rifle with the faster rifling twist gives a better bullet mushroom as opposed to the old 1-38 twist.If you'd like to learn a little more about this fascinating topic,type rifling characteristics into a search with Google and you will find a lot of interesting information on different types of rifling used by different manufacturers. New .444's now have a 1 in 20 twist. I hope they do the same in the .44 Mag soon. The 1 in 20 will stabilize 300 grain bullets while the 1 in 38 will not.

Gun barrel rifling?

RIFLED firearms are those that have a method of making the bullet spin when fired. This makes for a much more accurate projectile. The oldest and most common means of doing this is buty cutting spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel. These grooves grip the bullet, causing it to spin as it passes up the barrel. The grooves are known as rifling.

Do wheel weights make good lead bullets for black powder guns?

Not really. Lead wheelweights can make decent bullets for modern day firearms. However, muzzle loading firearms have very shallow rifling, and need VERY soft lead bullets. Wheelweights are just too hard.

What is the rifling of the firearm?

rifling is the spiral that is engraved into the barrel to put spin on the bullet which improves distance and accuracy.

What is the difference between a musket and a muzzle loader?

not sure if this is what you are looking for but a musket is usually smooth bored meaning it has no rifling in the barrel where a muzzle loader can have rifling. A muzzle loader refers to any weapon that is loaded thru the muzzle in a simple definition and it can be either smooth bored like a musket or rifled like a Pennsylvania long rifle or like most modern muzzle loaders are today

What is rifling in firearms?

This is a shallow spiral groove cut into the inside of a gun's barrel. As a gun shoots, the projectile engages these grooves and they impart a longitudinal spin to the bullet. This creates gyroscopic stability which greatly increased the accuracy of the projectile.

Why does a shotgun spread?

No rifling.

What is a rifling number?

Can you be my girlfriend

What is the difference between rifles and muskets?

Muskets have smooth bores and rifles have rifling - spiral grooves to make the bullet spin. Rifles have longer range and better accuracy. Both were originally muzzleloaders, but rifles eventually began to use metallic cartridges.

What is the difference between a shotgun and a rifle?

A rifle fires a single bullet or round such as a 7.62 or 5.56 millimeter. A shotgun fires a slug such as 12 gram that consists of multiple projectiles. Also a rifles barrel has rifling (or groves) to put spin on the bullet when it is fired.

What is a gun with a grooved barrel?

A long gun, or shoulder fired firearm, would be called a rifle. The grooves you are asking about are named 'rifling' giving the earliest guns with this improvement their name rifle. Other firearms of the time would have been called muskets. Rifling is done in a few styles, using slightly different methods and tools, so there can be more designations. However, your question just said 'gun'. There are huge, heavy guns (like cannon) that are rifled. The 'guns' on a naval warship are rifled. Also, some shotguns are rifled because a shotgun can also fire a 'slug', as opposed to 'shot', which would benefit from the effects of rifling. Handguns are rifled, both revolvers and semi-auto pistols (another used and abused term). Between long historical changes in language, Hollywood, and poorly researched mass media articles, there is as much dis- information as there is information about firearms and their definitions, capabilities, and intended uses.

When was rifling invented?

Rifling was invented in the late 15th century. It was improved by August Kotter of Nuremberg in 1520 and by others later. There is a link below.

What is rifling?

Rifling is the spiral groove pattern in a rifle or handgun barrel the purpose of which is to impart spin to the bullet in order to achieve stability in flight.