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Misses are for people who have a more slender, skinnier frame and waistline and are technically geared toward the teenager population who are still growing. Women's sizes are for the older woman with the curvier figure (not to be confused with overweight).

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2009-04-15 15:48:37
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2010-11-30 17:40:31

Women's sizes are usually for a fatter woman than a misses size will fit. That's pretty much the difference.

Why would you answer a question when you don't know the answer? That's not the difference; misses sizing is generally geared towards teenage women who haven't fully developed the curves they will. CURVES - as in hips, breasts, etc. Women's sizes are for...women. Misses sizes are odd-numbered; women's sizes are even numbered. (Do you think a size 2 is bigger than a size 13?)

Also: designers (like Marc Jacobs, not Scussy) use women's sizes or the European equivalent.

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Q: What is the difference between miss and women's size?
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