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What is the difference between mylar paper and transfer paper?

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Mylar vs. TransferMylar is not a paper. It is more closely related to acetate. Although you can buy different gauges of acetate, generally mylar is heavier and used for a multitude of things. Tranfer paper, on the otherhand, is used to accept an image through a copying or printing technique using special inks for adhesion. The printed side is a mirrored image of the original art. When it is applied to the receiving element (like a t-shirt) the image is transferred in its' original appearance.
Do you remember the little houses at Christmas time with the lights inside and the shiny paper used as windows? That's what mylar is like. transfer paper has a rough kind of surface & comes in a multitude of colors to transfer a design onto a surface for say, to paint or do needlepoint. You can get transfer paper at Michaels or Joann fabrics.
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What are mylar paper and transfer paper used for?

Mylar paper is used to make Mylar balloons and the transfer paper is used for to make transfer paper for teachers to use. Transfer paper is used to transfer an image from a picture to another object. The transferred image comes out with a clear or partially clear background.

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Where can you buy Mylar tinsel aside from the websites. Are they available in bookstores or in stores for decoration?

Mylar tinsel is difficult to find except when winter decorations are in stores. During this time larger chain drugstores, craft, party planning & discount department stores and even hardware stores may carry Mylar tinsel. For the rest of the year a suggestion would be to purchase sheets of Mylar found at craft stores. These sheets of Mylar can be found in the gift wrap and gift basket supply isle. You can use a paper cutter or paper shredder to cut the sheets into strips like tinsel. Hunting/fishing shops sometimes carry mylar tinsel as a fishing lure.

What glue should be used for gluing mylar to paper?

Try 3m super 77 spray adhesive.