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There are a number of differences. The scientific calculator has function like tables and memory to store calculation, while a normal calculator can only do the basic calculations.

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Scientific calculators have more functions than normal ones. Here's a picture of the one I use and would recommend.

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Not very. Although normal scientific calculators are programmed in binary arithmetic, they are programmed so that input and output are in decimal (or hexadecimal) and not binary. So it would be hard work.

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Refinancing Calculators typically have stripped down functions compared to your standard calculator, as they are strictly for figuring out finance related calculations such as loan interest rates and refinancing fees. In addition, refinancing calculators are typically online as opposed to physical.

Calculator=prohibited in prelims but allowed in all mains exams.But not the scientific calculator, only the normal calculators are allowed.

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With school starting again soon, it will be just a matter of time before you will find you need a calculator. Hopefully your teacher will let you know whether or not you need a scientific calculator or not. There is nothing worse than getting the wrong type of calculator. If you do need a scientific calculator, let’s first go over what a scientific calculator is. A scientific calculator is defined as a calculator that beside normal math functions also has functions such as logarithms and powers. Scientific calculators in general are more expensive that normal calculators. If your calculator is to be used in school, it is usually the teacher that determines your need. Some colleges also let you know if you will have a need for a scientific calculator. Scientific calculators are also used in some businesses. Like most products today, there is a pretty wide range of scientific calculators. There are simple scientific calculators and more advanced scientific calculators, that can perform functions like graphing. In order to determine which scientific calculator you will need, it is important to: * Determine what you will need the scientific calculator to do * Compare scientific calculator features * Compare prices of scientific calculators * Use a demo online of a scientific calculator Once you have decided that you do indeed need a scientific calculator, you need to decide whether you need a simple scientific calculator or a more complex scientific calculator. Lucky for most of us, it will be a teacher or professor who will let us know which we need. The next step will be to compare prices. The internet is a great place to compare prices of scientific calculators. Usually, you can not only compare prices, but you can compare features side by side on some websites. You can also compare scientific calculators at office supply stores. Sales people at most of these stores are fairly knowledgeable about their products. After you have done your comparison shopping, you should feel confident in purchasing your scientific calculator. If your budget allows, you may want to purchase your calculator with a few extra features, in case you end up needing them in the future.

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