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What is the difference between obovate and ovate leaf?


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The ovate leaf has a pointed apex while the obovate has a round shape.

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The type of tree that has an obovate lobal leaf is the oak tree. There are different species of oak trees.

the difference between a alternate and simple leaf is that the simple leaf has no patterns on its leaf and the alternate leaf has pattern

An obovate leaf is tear-shaped or egg-shaped.

Leaf Bugs can move, leaves cannot(SIMPLE AS THAT!!)

"Leaf" is singular - one leaf. "Leaves" is plural - more than one leaf.

the papaya leaf have a entire edge while the rambutan leaf have a jagged edge

Psidium leaf is either ovate-illeptic or oblong-illeptic and arranged in opposite manner.

Both are from same genus but the leaf circuference is different with the cuts in the edge.

leaf cells do not have cell wall but root has it.

A simple leaf has a single part while a compound leaf has three or more parts

A simple leaf is a leaf, such as an aspen leaf, that does not divide into parts. A compound leaf is a leaf, such as a walnut leaf, that has several leaflets coming off of a single petiole.

difference between hibiscus leaf and orchid leaf

The difference lies in their structure. A simple leaf has a single blade, while a compound leaf has two or more.

halloween leaf is a leaf and jack-o-lantern is a pumpkin

in monocotyledons,the veins in leaf run parallel to the length of the leaf while in dicotyledons there are numerous auxillary veins which reticulate between the major one.

The difference is that reticulate have scattered and parallel have parallel leaf veins

Broadleaf are not like needdle but conifer leaf are like needdle.

Some adjective to describe a leaf are elliptic, accumlative, ovate, emarginate, and, spatulate; or perhaps green, brown, red, yellow, fresh, thick, dry and crunchy.

There is a big difference. a leaf is either a leaf off a tree or a single page of paper, and a leaflet is a small booklet, containing multiple leaves of paper.

A leaf is a part of a tree, flower, or bush. A leaflet is a leaf-like part of a compound leaf. In other words, a leaf is the whole and a leaflet is part of the whole.

microphyllous leaf posses single unbranched vein, whereas in megaphyllous leaf a network of veins is present

You can tell the difference between two types of trees, because they leaf clues.

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