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What is the difference between occasional rituals and calendrical rituals?


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October 21, 2007 7:24AM

This depends on the religion you are asking about. In Catholicism and other Christian faiths there are a certain collection of rites that are carried out on specific days of the churches liturgical year. For example at Easter the blessing of the font, the Blessing of the Pashcal Candle, the blessing of the new fire. In judaism it would be passover, rosh chodesh, yom kippur etc. These ceremonies always occur on a certain day of the liturgical year. Occaisonal rituals occur when certain events take place. An example of this is a woman gives birth to a child, and undergoes "Churching" (something which happens very infrequently these days, or someone is sick and dying, the priest is called and the last rites are administered. These rites are administered on the occasion rather than on a certain day and date.