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What is the difference between old and new testament of the divine revelation?


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the Old Testament was written before the life and times of Jesus and contains nothing about his works. the old testament is more about creation and Moses and the Ten Commandments etc.

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The New Testament book of the Apocalypse. It's also known as The Book of the Revelation of St. John the Divine, or simply Revelation.

Lutheran Bible has 66 books and Catholic Bible has 73 books. There is no difference in the New Testament of Catholics and Lutheran. However, Catholics consider 7 more books as divine in the Old Testament of the Bible.

In my religion textbook the meaning in the glossary says Divine Revelation- is god making himself known to us. :)

A:Divine revelation is of considerable importance to some, but of no interest or importance to others. It depends on one's personal faith.

Divine revelation is an event, whereas sacred text is a thing. Two examples of Divine revelation are the Giving of the Ten Commandments at Sinai, and prophecy.See also the Related Links.Link: Hebrew ScriptureLink: Israelite prophecy

Roman Catholic AnswerThere is only one source of Divine Revelation, and that is the Almighty. Natural revelation is when God discloses Himself to the human race by means of an intermediary or directly. Directly, His fullest disclosure was when He came in person, in the person of Our Blessed Lord. Our Blessed Lord is the fullest and final source of Divine Revelation on the earth.

St John the Divine was exiled to the island of Patmos when he wrote the book of Revelation.

From what God Revealed in Divine Revelation.

Quran is the word of Allah. It is the divine revelation.

The number of Divine revelation.

Divine right monarchy is based on gods, Constitutional is based on the Constitution.

No. Tradition states that it was written through Divine revelation, not natural means. See also:More about the Hebrew Bible

A prophecy is a prediction made from alleged divine inspiration or divine revelation.Answer:They are basically the same. A prophecy is a "prediction" made by God and spoken through a chosen person. The only difference is between a prediction made by a man and a prediction of God. A prediction made by man is just a "guess" and may not come true. Whereas a prediction of God is given from His foreknowledge of future events and will come true.

Divine describes something or someone that is like a god. Devine isn't a word, but is can be a last name.

Monotheistic; based upon Divine revelation.

well, you can choose to be independent, but freedom is a divine right

God is revealed to us through human experience. Let's say you climb a mountain and at the top you are in awesome wonder of God's creation. It is a moment of divine revelation because of that experience.

because revelation God making to be known and with out that with reason alone how could we tell that God is real

The covenant with Noah. God choosing Abraham. God Forms his people of Israel. Gods revelation in Jesus christ.

AnswerThe Revelation of John may have been written in at least two layers, one very early and primitive, and on much later. It is very possible that Revelation was later than the Gospel of John and possibly the pseudo-Pauline Pastorals, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. Thus it is possible that Revelation was the last New Testament book to be written in its final form, but nothing is certain.

Deism has no holy book as that would require divine revelation.

According to the Strong's concordance the Old and New Testament have differing interpretations for divine. Three words are used in the Hebrew for divine. All three have a magical sense to their meaning, as in to divine a secret or have the powers of an oracle. In the New Testament Greek the two words used are in reference to G_d, as in godlike or in the service of G_d.

Although, Joshua's existence was oulined in the Old Testament, and Jesus is the New Testament. The facts are that from a divine prospective there are no reliable source of information that could give an exact figure.

He did not believe that he ruled by divine right, but by the consent of Parliament.

Acts of divine worship are old testament rituals believed to be important. They are extremely regulated to ensure they are reenacted perfectly.

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