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Optical telescopes use either lens' (refractory) or mirrors (reflective) to magnify light. Radio telescopes use dishes to pick up radio waves. sensors on the dishes collect the waves and turn them into a picture

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What is the difference between radio nd optical telescopes?

The electromagnetic frequency they are designed to observe.

What is the diffrence between optical and radio telescopes?

Optical telescopes focus visible light. Radio telescopes focus radio waves (much longer wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation).

How do optical radio telescopes operate?

As far as I know, there is no "optical radio telescope". There are, separately, optical telescopes (which work with visible light), and radio telescopes (which work with radio waves).

What can radio telescopes do that optical telescopes cant?

Radio telescopes pick up radio waves whereas Optical telescopes use light waves, so Radio telescopes show us things we cannot see with the naked eye or with optical telescopes.

How do radio telescope differ from optical telescopes?

Radio telescopes collect radio waves. Optical telescopes capture visible light waves.

Why are radio telescopes better to use than optical telescopes?

Radio telescopes can measure a different part of the frequency spectrum than optical telescopes.

Difference between radio and optical telescope?

Optical telescopes use either lens' (refractory) or mirrors (reflective) to magnify light. Radio telescopes use dishes to pick up radio waves. sensors on the dishes collect the waves and turn them into a pictur e

Are optical telescopes much bigger then radio telescopes?

No they are not bigger then radio telescopes at all.

What is the difference between an optical telescope and a radio telescope?

Optical measures visible light, Radio measures electromagnetic radiation in that part of the spectrum corresponding to radio waves. Same with X-ray telescopes and x-rays. Optical is the kind you look through.

How big are radio telescopes compared to optical telescopes?

Radiotelescopes are generally far larger than optical telescopes, because the materials don't have to be as dense or as finely built as optical telescopes. Optical telescopes are made of precision-ground mirrors and lenses. Radio telescopes can be made out of wire mesh.

How are radio and optical telescopes alike?

Simple, They are both telescopes!

Why must radio telescopes be larger than optical telescopes?

Because radio wavelengths are much longer than optical wavelengths.

What kind of telescopes are radio telescopes?

radio telescopes are telescopes that detect radio waves. they also have ti be much larger then optical telescopes because radio wavelengths are about 1,000,000times longer than optical wavelengths. as well as that useful information, i know that the surface of a radio telescope does not have to be solid.

Do Optical telescopes have poorer resolution than radio telescopes?

Not necessarily.

How are radio and optical telescopes different?

Both types of telescope collect and focus electromagnetic radiation for observational purposes, the difference is their band of observed frequencies. Radio telescopes are used for the radio frequencies ( ~3km - ~30cm) while optical telescopes are used for frequencies closer to visible light ( ~0.7μm - ~0.4μm). Optical telescopes may also be able to detect infrared and ultraviolet light.

What do radio telescopes detect?

images that optical telescopes do not detect hope that helps i am also trying to research radio telescopes

In what ways are radio telescopes better than optical telescopes?

Optical telescopes can not see through the clouds of dust and gases that surround and permeate our galaxy. A radio telescope can. What this means is that a radio telescope can see far further into the universe than an optical telescope.

How do optical telescopes and radio telescopes gather info about stars?

using radio waves it collects the data.

Do optical telescopes have better resolution than radio telescopes?

Generally, yes.

How are the telescopes Keck I and Keck II different from radio telescope?

They are optical telescopes.

Are radio telescopes detect objects that optical telescopes cannot?

Yes, that is correct.

Do Radio telescopes have poorer angular resolution than optical telescopes because radio waves have a much longer wavelength than optical waves?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of radio astronomy compared to optical observations?

Interstellar dust makes much of the universe opaque to optical telescopes, by radio telescopes can "see" through it. A radio telescope has to be much bigger than an optical scope.

What are the Similarities between radio and optical telescopes?

They both have the same lens type in which the lens can absorb photosynthesis. the

What three instruments do scientist use to observe space?

Telescopes in general. Optical telescopes Radio telescopes Gravity wave telescopes