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The difference between Pahoehoe lava and AA lava is that pahoehoe lava is smooth and AA lava is jagged.

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What is the difference between pahoehoe and lava?

there is no difference between pahoehoe and lava because pahoehoe is a type of lava there is a difference between pahoehoe lava and AA (ahah) lava

What are the difference between pahoehoe lava and AA lava?

The differences between pahoehoe and AA lava pahoehoe is fat moving lava and looks like wrinkles curves but smother than AA.Aa is cooler than pahohoe and is all bumpy .

What is the difference between pahoehoe and AA and what kind of eruption produces these types of lava?

It make a quiet eruption produce two different types of lava-hot, fast-moving pahoehoe and cooler, slower-moving aa.

What is the difference between pahoehoe and A'A?

+Pahoehoe is basaltic lava forming smooth undulating(moving with a smooth wavelike motion) or ropy masses.It is contrasted to AAAA is basaltic lava forming very rough jagged masses with sharp projections and a light frothy texture. Pahoehoe+Both are types of lava. Aa is sharp (so you say Aaah as you walk on it), whereas pahoehoe is smooth

What ate the differences between pahoehoe and Aa what kind of eruption produces these types of lava?

Pahoehoe and AA lava are produced by quiet eruptions. This means that instead of a blast or explosion, the lava just flows out of the volcano. Pahoehoe lava is hot and flows quickly. AA lava is cooler in temperature and doesn't flow as quickly.

What are the differences between the pahoehoe and AA?

Pahoehoe lava is highly liquid and cools with a smooth, ropey surface. Aa is made of more viscous lava and usually has a rough, blocky texture.

What are the differences between pahoehoe and AA What kind of eruption produces these types of lava?

The differences are that Pahoehoe produces fast moving lava; Aa produces slower moving lava. The kind of eruption that produces these types of lava is a quiet eruption.

Describe the different types of lava?

1) Pahoehoe 2) Aa Pahoehoe is lava which move fast and is slipery. Aa is lava which moves slowy and is very sticky.

Types of lava?

Blocky Lava, Pahoehoe Lava, Aa Lava, Pillow Lava

2 types of lava?

pahoehoe and aa

What differences are differences between AAA and pahoehoe?

Pahoehoe is faster moving lava and AA is slower moving lava. Both types are found in basaltic type eruptions. They have different appearances. Pahoehoe is smooth and ropey where as AA is chunky and rough.(much like top of trees) Often a pahoehoe flow can change to an AA flow depending upon the type of slope it encounters. The steeper the slope the more likely AA lava will be present. Aa has more viscosity than Pahoehoe.

What are the three types of lava flow?

Pahoehoe lava, Aa lava, and Blocky lava

What are the differences between pahoehoe and Aa what kind of eruption produces these types of lava-?

Pahoehoe is hot, fast-moving lava that has a low viscosity. AA lava has a cooler temperature and moves more slowly. Quiet eruptions are the type that produce these two types of lava.

What is a pahoehoe flow?

Pahoehoe lava is a lava type flowing from volcanic eruptions. It is not to be confused with Aa lava. Pahoehoe is smooth and ropy lava, cooling into a ropy texture. Aa, on the other hand, is stony and rough. On another note (take this as you will): I would rather stand on Aa lava because it is cooler, characterised simply by its viscosity. Pahoehoe is at around 1100-12000C, as opposed to 1000-1100 for Aa. Please do not stand in either.

Which types of eruptions produce pahoehoe lava?

Quiet Eruptions produce pahoehoe lava. It also can produce Aa lava. Pahoehoe is a fast moving and a hot lava. Pahoehoe looks like wrinkles once it starts to cool down.

What kind of eruption produces Aa and pahoehoe?

Aa and pahoehoe are both produced from basalt lava eruptions. The difference in the two being a difference in temperature. Pahoehoe is a hotter flow, moving more smoothly before cooling into rope-like structures. Aa is a bit cooler, forming solid chunks, but continuing to move.

Why is it that pahoehoe and AA lava are more frequent in shield volcanoes than in composite volcanoes?

Aa and pahoehoe lavas are both basaltic in composition. The lava from composite volcanoes is likely to be granitic.

What is the consistency between Pahoehoe and Aa?

pahoehoe is smooth and blob-like aa is chunky

What are the characteristics of the four types of lava?

The four types are block lava Pahoehoe lava Aa lava and pillow lava

What is the difference between a pahoehoe and AA?

Pahoehoe is so much more smoother and duller than AA, because it travels down a gentler slope. You can drive over Pahoehoe. AA, travels down a much steeper slope, and stumbles over itself, and when it hardens, it becomes VERY SHARP AND RAGGED. You wouldn't even be able to walk on AA lava without seriously messing up your feet.

What is hard lava?

Aa is the name of hard, or rough lava. Unlike pahoehoe, which is a smooth water like lava.

What is aa?

Aa is a type of lava that hardens into rough chunks and is cooler than Pahoehoe. It moves slow.

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