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What is the difference between panic symptoms and heart attack symptoms?

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June 10, 2008 5:17PM

Anxiety attacks normally do not produce numbness of the left arm

and shoulder, or pain in the arm and shoulder, as well as chest

pain. Blue fingertips and fingernails are another thing which

anxiety attacks normally do not cause. On the other hand, these

don't always occur in mild heart attack situations, either. Many of

the symptoms of a panic attack will mimic those of angina, mild

heart attack, or even temporary hypoglycemia. If you are unsure

what it could be, get to a doctor ASAP. There is a large majority

of people that end up in ER feeling as if they are having a heart

attack when it's anxiety (but it should always be checked out by

your doctor.) I had suffered from severe panic attacks in the 70s

and also Agoraphobia and I had tightening of the chest, tingling

down the left arm and into the jaw. I was terrified and thought I

was having a heart attack. I was in my 30s then and I am now 65 so

there you go! I suggest you take up something like yoga, exercise

at a gym, or at least walk one hour per day to get your heart rate

going and this also lowers the adrenal gland from pumping so hard

during anything stressful (which can cause the above symptoms and

also racing heart). I also took courses on Cognitive Therapy which

tricks your mind into dealing with stressful situations and I use

it to this day because it works! It takes practice, but can be


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