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Anxiety attacks normally do not produce numbness of the left arm and shoulder, or pain in the arm and shoulder, as well as chest pain. Blue fingertips and fingernails are another thing which anxiety attacks normally do not cause. On the other hand, these don't always occur in mild heart attack situations, either. Many of the symptoms of a panic attack will mimic those of angina, mild heart attack, or even temporary hypoglycemia. If you are unsure what it could be, get to a doctor ASAP. There is a large majority of people that end up in ER feeling as if they are having a heart attack when it's anxiety (but it should always be checked out by your doctor.) I had suffered from severe panic attacks in the 70s and also Agoraphobia and I had tightening of the chest, tingling down the left arm and into the jaw. I was terrified and thought I was having a heart attack. I was in my 30s then and I am now 65 so there you go! I suggest you take up something like yoga, exercise at a gym, or at least walk one hour per day to get your heart rate going and this also lowers the adrenal gland from pumping so hard during anything stressful (which can cause the above symptoms and also racing heart). I also took courses on Cognitive Therapy which tricks your mind into dealing with stressful situations and I use it to this day because it works! It takes practice, but can be done.

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Q: What is the difference between panic symptoms and heart attack symptoms?
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How can you tell if it is heartburn or a heart attack?

There is a big difference between heartburn and a heart attack. There are symptoms of a heart attack which may seem to resemble the pains associated with heartburn but heartburn usually appears after eating or while lying down and heart attack symptoms usually start as a crushing pain in the center of the chest which radiates outwards. The left arm is usually affected during heart attack pains.

What is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?

A stroke clogs the brain of blood. A heart attack does the same, but to the heart.

Symptoms of Women's Heart Attacks?

Women who have heart attack symptoms are often misdiagnosed because the symptoms of a woman's heart attack are very different than those of a man. Many people, including women and their doctors, consider chest pain to be the main sign of a heart attack. While chest pain is a common sign of a heart attack for men, women do not necessarily feel this pain when they are having a heart attack.Common Female Heart Attack SymptomsThough women experience different symptoms than men, a heart attack is equally life threatening in men and women. Unfortunately, when women's symptoms are not recognized as signs of a heart attack, the condition can be even more dangerous. While symptoms differ between men and women, there are commonalities in heart attack symptoms among women. Some of the common signs of a heart attack in a woman include:

Is it true that symptoms of a heart attack are different for women than men?

Yes, this is true. Heart attack symptoms in women are often manifested as indigestion type symptoms. For example, a heart attack can be mistaken for acid reflux or nausea.

Where can I find more information on heart attack symptoms ?

You can find information on heart attack symptoms by going to the Mayo Clinic website. Their information is detailed and factual. Their website address is

What is the difference between SCD and a heart attack?

A heart attack (myocardial infarction) is the result of a blockage in an artery which feeds the heart, so the heart becomes starved for oxygen.

What is non q wave heart attack?

No. I had an MI confirmed by elevated enzymes they told me I had a non Q wave heart attack. what is the difference between a regular heart attack and a non q wave heart attack?

How do you tell if you are having a heart attack?

you will tell its a heart attack when a person has trouble breathingWhat kind of pain and symptoms, signs, of a heart attack?

Name the female heart attack symptoms.?

this is a very good question. but every good question always has a good answer to go along with it. female heart attack symptoms are the same as male hearth attack symptoms.

Why does your heart burn and your arm hurt?

Could be symptoms of a heart attack.

What is the difference between an angina and heart attack?

An Angina is when you have extreme chest pain it is related to a probable heart attack. and a heart attack is when the heart looses its ability to circulate blood because of blocked artery or vein.

Where can I find an article that describes major heart attack symptoms in women?

Women can have symptoms of an impending heart attack for up to a month before the actual event. Mild symptoms such as heartburn,sleep disturbances, or weakness in the arms,are things that we can have on a daily basis,can be warning signals for a heart attack.

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