What is the difference between panties and men's underwear?

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2010-01-03 19:40:47

Panties (as in knickers) are desingend to fit girls

Panties come in many different styles such as thong, bikini, and

hipster. Men's underwear usually only comes in 2 styles: boxers and

briefs. (However, some men do wear thongs) Briefs are closer

in style to panties because they are more form-fitting and do not

have legs. Boxers are much like swim trunks. Panties come in many

different colors and patterns, and in many materials. Men's briefs

are usually cotton and white, and are referred to as

"tighty-whities" because they are not loose and are white. However,

boxers can be, and are usually, very colorful and come with many

different patterns and designs.

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