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What is the difference between parkour and freerunning?



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Parkour(which is what I do) involves running in a (relatively) straight line and not doing most of the aesthetics that freerunning involves. Parkour is really for getting from a to b as quickly and efficiently as possible. It was first made for a more efficient way to escape someone but has now turned into a sport. Freerunning doesn't have a designated path set and involves a lot of aesthetics (flips etc.) and is more of a way to show off. Of course parkour is kinda that way to. Hope that helps.


Listen to the guy above. But basically parkour is getting there as fast as possibale in a straight line (not having to go around thing but just straight over them instead). Whilst freerunning is where you do more trick (flips ect.) to show off abit more.