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Parkour(which is what I do) involves running in a (relatively) straight line and not doing most of the aesthetics that freerunning involves. Parkour is really for getting from a to b as quickly and efficiently as possible. It was first made for a more efficient way to escape someone but has now turned into a sport. Freerunning doesn't have a designated path set and involves a lot of aesthetics (flips etc.) and is more of a way to show off. Of course parkour is kinda that way to. Hope that helps.


Listen to the guy above. But basically parkour is getting there as fast as possibale in a straight line (not having to go around thing but just straight over them instead). Whilst freerunning is where you do more trick (flips ect.) to show off abit more.

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What is the differences between parkour and freerunning and triking?


What is storror?

parkour and freerunning group from England

What is it called when someone is doing parkour?


Are there any Parkour or Freerunning clubs in Reading PA?

There is one called Whirlwind Parkour.

What parkour or freerunning groups are there in Leicester?

Yes, the Leicester Parkour Association (LPA). Find them at

Is pArkour better than freerunning?

Theyre the same thing.

What is the best parkour company? that goes for freerunning as well

Is Russia a failed state?

No, there amazing at parkour/freerunning, if you dont know what this is check it out...

Where did free running originate?

In France. A man named Georges Hebert invented the sport and called it parkour. The term freerunning is a variation of parkour.

Is there any law against parkour or freerunning?

Not to my knowledge no, but as far as I know, I think New York either has banned parkour or in the process of trying to.

Is freerunning awesome?

yes. parkour is technicly (?) martial arts, the art of getting outta there.

What is the name of the sport where people jump on walls?

'Parkour', sometimes (debatably) also called 'freerunning'.

What shoes are good for parkour?

Honestly, there is no perfect parkour shoe yet in stores. But anything that fits comfortably or is cheap, with good grip will work. If you have money, buy from stores online. Best online parkour/freerunning shoe is the KO's or the Ariake's.

Are there Freerunning or Parkour classes in Sydney?

There are a few classes in Sydney; mostly in Pyrmont. For more details visit the related link.

Where is parkour popular?

Everywhere with internet connection and TVs. You can find a crew in any country, but if you are doing it for popularity parkour is not your thing. Usually it is popular wherever there is a gym(s) such as the tempest freerunning academy

Is Air Jordan BCT low good for parkour or freerunning training?

Its good for both.. I free run train and do parkour and i have to say it feels pretty comfortable and gets me moving around faster when i wear it

What is free-running?

Freerunning is an urban sport invented in France. It's also called parkour, although technically the two are slightly different. Freerunning is the performance of acrobatic stunts and movements using an urban setting.

Do you have to be fit to do free running?

Yes. Parkour and freerunning are athletic sports practiced in an urban setting. You need to be strong enough to do gymnastics.

Is parkour illegal?

Parkour is not illegal. However, there may be legal implications for freerunners (freerunning is a form of Parkour, an urban sport of acrobatics and dance, rather than running from place to place) if they practice their sport without permission on private property or are found to be loitering in a public place. It is also illegal (and unethical) to use Parkour to flee from police, but this is no different than evasion without Parkour.

What is the difference between parkour and free running?

Free running is generally more acrobatic then pure parkour, and in my opinion is like going the extra mile to show off.

Is parkour the same as free running?

No, Parkour is getting from to a to b in the fastest most efficient way possible, that means that purist Traceurs (practitioners of Parkour) cut out unnecessary flips, spins and other stunts that serve to mostly improve the visual effect and not or the efficiency of the run. Freerunning on the other hand has a lot more foundation in the fancier looking moves, but most Freerunners are Traceurs too as the base for Freerunning lies in Parkour and its simpler looking more efficient moves. Its a natural transition from a Traceur to a Freerunner as there is a drive to perform more and more complicated moves and the more complicated they become the more they loose their efficiency (this doesn't apply to all moves but to most) and this is when Parkour turns into Freeruning.

Is park-our and free running the same thing?

No. Parkour emphasizes efficiency of movement, and freerunning emphasizes freedom of movement. Otherwise, they are nearly identical and many people get the terms confused.

Where can you learn freerunning in Georgia?

tbilisi school of freerunning

Why is parkour called parkour?

Parkour is a French word for method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. Parkour is also called Freerunnning. Parkour can be very easy if you set a goal to do it. All you have to do is set your mind to do it, find the right are, and go! Working out and building muscle is a key in freerunning. The first thing you should learn is the Dive Roll. Then the front handspring and/or the Kong Jump. OH! And learning how to hop a fence wuickly would be useful. Trust me... Im a freerunner myself.

What do you call the outdoor activity where people jump from one wall to another and do other stunts on streets it was shown on MTV a few days back but I forgot the name?

i think you might be talking about parkour or freerunning

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