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A parole officer supervises previously convicted felons who are being returned to society from prison incarceration. A probation officer may supervise those with misdemeanor convictions as well as felony convictions, and his supervisees may or may not have been incarcerated at all. If they were, they would have done time only in a jail environment.

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Q: What is the difference between parole and probation officer?
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What is the difference between a probation officer and a parole officer?

A probation officer handles clients who are on probation. A parole officer handles people who are released on parole.

What is the difference between parole and probation?

Release on probation is granted at the order of a judicial officer. Release on parole is granted by a Board of Parole who hears and decides on cases of inmates housed in prisons.

What is the difference between a juvenile parole officer and a juvenile probation officer and a juvenile case worker?

A juvenile parole officer is someone with a BS whom is assigned to juveniles out of prison and help them get back into normal life. A juvenile probation officer is assigned to the child as an alternative to jail/prison and to keep an eye on the child. The caseworker is in charge or directing and guiding the child when it comes to the actually law stuff. Probation Officer = Before Jail/Prison Parole Officer = After incarceration

What is the difference of parole and probation?

I'm not exactly sure what you are specifically asking as far as the requirements/education of a parole officer versus a probation officer, but I hope my answer will help. A parole officer is assigned to a person who has been state-sentenced, meaning that the inmate/prisoner has done prison time. A probation officer is assigned to a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony but is not state-sentenced (not sent to prison). They may have served time in the County jail, or may have just been sentenced to probation with no jail time. A person who is on parole HAS to go through the prison system and the parole board in each state is who determines if the inmate/prisoner would be a good qualifier for parole or not. Hope this helps!

Can a probation officer threaten you with jail time?

If you have violated your parole, yes.

What if you leave state during a felony conviction?

you maybe able to leave the state with the permission of your probation judge , probation officer or parole officer.

Can you travel within state in NC while on probation?

Yes, as long as your not on Parole- You would have to notify your Parole officer. If you are on Probation and have an appt to see your probation officer, just let him know and reschedule the appt. Do not just go and not show up for appt!

If you are on felony probation in California can you move to Seattle?

Usually one of the conditions of parole is that you cannot leave the state. Your parole officer can answer the question for you.

Can you be a probation officer with only 2 years in college?

It can vary. Contact the Dept. of Parole and Probation for your state and ask their employment requirements.

Can a convicted felon go to the Bahamas?

If the convicted felon is on probation or parole, check with his or her assigned probation or parole officer. Otherwise, with the exception of a court order relating to traveling, there should be n problems.

Is the person allowed to leave the city in which they received the scram bracelet?

With the permission of his probation/parole officer.

What is the difference between Parole officer and Probation officer. If anybody know about this please let you know?

Probationers are under the jurisdiction of the courts and are attempting to avoid the imposition of a suspended prison sentence by complying with the conditions of probation. Parolees are inmates allowed to serve their time in the community and are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections. In some states one agency supervises both types of offenders and in others there are separate probation and parole agencies. I personally supervise a combined caseload of adult felony probationers and parolees.

Can 2 felons live in the same house?

You can if it has been approved by your probation officer, such as a husband and wife or another family member. If you are not on parole or probation then yes.

Who has higher rank a parole officer of Police detective?

Rank is irrelevant in this case, because parole officers and police detectives work for different organizations. A police detective usually works for a police department, and a parole officer works for the Dept. of Corrections or a Parole and Probation agency.

What are the Pays for a parole officer or probation officer?

It depends on the state in which you are wanting to work in along with experience and requirements(certifications) for each individual state

Can a villain leave the state?

A villain can leave the state if they arent on house arrest or on the police's most wanted watch list. If you are on parole or probation, you have to check with your parole/probation officer first, before you leave the state, to get permission.

Can you leave the country if you are on probation for a punishment lower than a misdemeanor?

That would depend on the conditions you must follow according to the terms of your parole/probation you entered into for whatever reason. If your parole/probation agreement said that you were not to leave the country, then it would be a violation of the agreement if you were to do so. They could violate/terminate the parole/probation and file charge(s) against you for violating the parole/probation agreement. Your best bet is to contact your assigned parole/probation officer and get a written statement (signed) from them with the determination of whether you can leave the country without violating your parole/probation agreement. Written proof is the best way to cover your neck, just in case they say you left without first asking them, if it was all right to leave the country without violating your parole/probation agreement.

How are probation and parole alike?

in the uk probation is used as an alternative to prison where parole is where someone has been in prison and released on parole x

What has the author Arthur Parker Miles written?

Arthur Parker Miles has written: 'Time studies in probation and parole' -- subject(s): Wisconsin, Probation, Parole, Time study 'Problems of the theory building in probation and parole' -- subject(s): Probation, Parole

What has the author David Dressler written?

David. Dressler has written: 'Practice and theory of probation and parole' -- subject(s): Parole, Probation 'Probation and parole' -- subject(s): Parole, Probation 'Readings in criminology and penology' -- subject(s): Corrections, Criminology, Prisons

How is the enforcement of criminal law a factor in determining who is subject to probation and parole?

In theory, the possibility of parole or probation is an element of motivating rehabilitation.In reality there is no correlation between enforcement of law and the granting of probation or parole. In reality probation is largely granted as a means of moderating the court calendar, and parole is granted on almost an entirely arbitrary basis, but with some attention to prison/facility census.

Can you own a bullet proof vest while on probation in Missouri?

Contact your probation officer on this question. Many states DO prohibit convicted persons, and persons released on parole/probation from owning such items.

Can a felon own a air rifle in VA?

Yes, provided that are not on probation or parole, and that it does not violate the terms set by their parole officer. Air rifles are not considered firearms in VA.

Can a parole officer change the length of time a person is on parole?

An offender's parole term cannot be extended, but probation can. It is possible to be discharged from both early, but early discharges from parole are rare. While parole cannot technically be extended by a Parole Officer, it can be extended by the Parole Board, and can effectively be extended by situations that create "dead time" such as time spent in rehabilitation or in custody for a potential violation of conditions.

Can a felon on probation in Iowa possess a pocket knife?

Read your probation papers or ask your Parole Officer. The scenario is unique and can be different for every parolee and there can be no generalized answers.