What is the difference between poetry and prose?

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The most basic answer might be: Prose is language that has as its primary goal the sharing of information. Poetry has as its primary goal the use of language itself as music. There is no rule that says a given piece of writing MUST be one or the other.

Sometimes the distinction is unclear. We have to live with it. Some prose letters of Emily Dickinson have been re-scanned in the form of verse; it's the way she wrote. If the intention of the author is given, the author's word should hold.

Let's begin by setting aside certain features of language. Ordinary talk between ordinary people uses ordinary language. Verbs do what verbs do; nouns do what nouns do. This is what we learned in grade school. So, we set aside certain features of language. Rhyme, for example, is a quintessentially poetic feature of language and rarely do we use in ordinary language; when we do, we laugh because it sounds so unnatural. And, yet, when used purposefully, when called to the foreground of an incident of language, rhyme takes on the dimensions of beauty. We have, of course, stepped from mere language into realm of literature.

Poetry and prose overlap considerably. There are, in fact, great traditions of poetic prose and prose poetry, so, on some level, it's foolish to imagine that there's a clear cut difference and never the twain shall meet. A scale must be properly drawn between them on which tendency associate towards one of the other. Organization of language (such as into stanzas) tends to associate with poetry, but there are, of course, exceptions. Lines, too, tend towards poetry; sentences toward prose. Meter tends toward poetry, but not extremely so. Metaphor, for example, is not commented on by the scale; it is accessible to both. And so on.

Poetry versus Prose Poetry refers to poems, with or without rhyme schemes. Prose is writing a story,either fiction or nonfiction. Poetry and prose are both forms of expression in writing. Prose usually has fewer structural guidelines, and in some ways, that makes poetry more of an art form. Being able to express the same thought and image in fewer words, choosing more carefully, etc., makes poetry more difficult to master than prose.

Poetry has rhythm, like a song. Poetry has cadence, like a drum. Poetry may rhyme but, I'm not wrong, When I say it can be ho hum.

Poetry usually follows a set pattern, rhyme scheme and meter. It is an art form in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities. Prose is simply regular writing, like in a story, a letter, or regular speech. There are usually no patterns, just sentences and paragraphs.

Prose writing most often follows standard rules in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. Poetry often doesn't, for expressive reasons, and every word, period, etc. is carefully chosen to say the most using the least words.

Prose is the language of everyday speech, or the writing medium that mimics it. Poetry is a more refined or structured or rhythmic form of prose.

Poetry has a shrinking readership. This is mainly because of competition from other media, but partly because poetry written in the last 50 years is perceived to have not been up to past standards.

On the other hand, there is a lot of modern poetry that is quality. Whether or not the readership is going down in some circles, there are remarkable poets who have been active during the last 50 years, and hopefully will continue to be.

Many definitions exist for poetry and for prose, and the characteristics are very blended and the border between them made very grey - the above answers are all correct, in a way.

I, however, think that the difference between poetry and prose is that poetry ought to be written linearly whereas prose is that which is to be structured into paragraphs. Coleridge defined poetry as "the right words in the right order" and my father always said "maximal meaning in minimal wording", but I would reckon that this line/paragraph differentiation is the best way to separate.
 Merged Response In general terms, prose is the everyday language used by most speakers of a language. It is the language of this answer, and of the newspaper articles you read this morning. It is the language of most fiction, non-fiction, history and biography. You can see that the term is extremely broad and covers a great many different kinds of writing.

Poetry is the use of many different elements of language to convey concepts and feelings in a way that is different from the frank relating of information. These elements include the sounds and rhythms of words and of groups of words. The rhythmic pattern of language is called prosody [not to be confused with the word prose, and not to be confused with the classic and over-worked forms like iambic pentameter]. Some poetry has strong structural components and some is free from obvious structural constraint. Because poets tend to hear and respond to the sounds, rhythms, cadence and structure of language, it has a great deal in common with music.

Sometimes the distinction between prose and poetry is difficult to draw. You might say that poetry is more symbolic or that it makes more use of imagery, but all language is metaphorical and therefor symbolic in nature. The distinction probably does not matter, as long as the writer has something to say that you are willing to hear.
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What is the difference between prose and poetry?

Long story short. The difference is that with PROSE the rhythms varies more thanpoetry. The different beats and rhythms between POETRY and PROSE can easilytell them apart --- Poetry is a sample of literature written in verse or meter. It mayor may not rhyme. It may or may not consist of stanzas. It ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a poem and poetry?

A poem is a literary creation, and poetry is the art form. A poem is a single piece of poetry, complete in itself. Poetry is the collective term used to describe a group of poems, which may or may not be related by theme, author, or style.

What is prose and poetry?

A prose is a literary medium that attempts to mirror the language of everyday speech. It is distinguished from poetry by its use of unmetered, unrhymed language consisting of logically related sentences. Prose is usually grouped into paragraphs that form a cohesive whole such as an essay or a novel. ( Full Answer )

Differences between drama and prose and differences between drama and poetry?

prose is a peice of text you read aloud to (sometimes ) a audince .where as drama is when you act somthing e.g i might act going into a shop and buying somethinghere is some poetry for you to try to define drama/poetry never forget whay the world has given never forget that you are you ,you may see ( Full Answer )

Difference between prose and drama?

Prose is writing that resembles everyday speech. The word "prose" is derived from the Latin prosa, which literally translates to "straightforward". Prose is an unpretentious form of writing; it is adopted for the discussion of facts and topical news. Prose is often articulated in free form writing s ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between drama and prose?

Drama: The specific mode of friction represented in performance Prose: Ordinary speech or writing Drama is used in performances and prose are just an ordinary sentence Example: Prose: Miranda walked on the sidewalk while her friends walked on the road Drama: "Tangle let down your hair!," said ( Full Answer )

Similarities between prose and poetry?

Similarities? There is no difference, these days. Modern poetry is pure pedestrian prose artificially arranged on a page to resemble verse. Poetry used to be an art form requiring skill with words, such as the use use of rhyme and meter and elevated diction, but now there is none of that, and a poem ( Full Answer )

What are the difference between prose and non-prose forms?

It's mainly a matter of presentation. Prose is rendered in paragraph blocks, with the sentences running into each other without a break. These days even non-sentences are considered to be prose if they are presented in this manner. Verse structure divides the narrative into lines which break and ha ( Full Answer )

What is the difference of poetry and prose?

Even though prose and poetry are both the expression of ideas through words, prose can not be sung while poetry can be both read and sung. Good poetry has to conform to the rules of rhyme, metre and rhythm while prose is blank. Prose needn't be condensed, but poetry is condensed thought. Brevity is ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between poetry prose and drama?

poetry often has a formal structure or even a cadence while you are reading it... it is a form of writing where the words are usually chosen more carefully and people are effectively presenting it Prose is normal writing, and includes big novels or autobiographies, but can also just be an essay o ( Full Answer )

What makes drama different from poetry and prose?

DRAMA -- theater performed play: a serious play written for performance on stage, television, or radio -- arts plays as genre: works written for performance on the stage, television, or radio considered as a literary genre -- theater producing or performing plays: the performance, produ ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between fiction and poetry?

Fiction is a form of writing. So is poetry. They could both havethe same subject, but it is how they are written. Librarians wouldput poetry in the 800s. Fiction would be put on the shelf byauthor's name.

How does poetry differ from prose?

Poetry differs from prose in it's conforming to metre, rhyme and music. Poetry is condensed and musical thought which technically can be fully developed, paraphrased and elongated into prose. And prose can certainly be edited and condensed into poetry by skilled hands. Therefore it can also be said ( Full Answer )

What are the classification of prose and poetry?

While writing poetry, one does not have to follow the guidelines ofthe correct punctuation and grammar usage. Prose, however, iswritten smoother with correct grammar usage and punctuation.

Differentiate prose and poetry?

Prose -free from rhythmical pattern -straight forward -uses simple words -ordinary spoken -more on facts -in paragraph form while Poetry -uses rhyming words and metrical patterns -it has lines and stanzas -uses figurative language -uses symbolism

Which came first- prose or poetry?

Poetry. As a form of literature, the earliest prose is more recent by many centuries than poetry.. Prose is writing with the words in the best order, but poetry is the best words in the best order.

What are the differences between literature and prose?

Literature, in its broadest definition, is anything written down. Specifically, it is everything from novels to short stories, including drama, poetry, and nonfiction.. Prose is a subheading of literature. There are two, the second being poetry. Prose is anything written as we would speak, such as ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between prose and novel?

The difference between "prose" and "novel" comes from the differentnatures of each. "Prose" is a particular style of writing, to bedistinguished from, for example, a poetic style. On the other hand,a "novel" is a particular genre of literature. As a narrative ofsome kind, novels are constructed thro ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between rap and poetry?

similarities are: expression of emotions, telling a story, meaning, art form Poetry : Lyrics in rhymes. Rap : "Content, Flow(rhythm and rhyme) and Delivery." -as in the book How to rap. Spoken or chanted lyrics. A story in rhymes, to the rhythm of the beat. Literary technique, lyricism, wordpla ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between poetry and a story?

the poetry has a rhyme words but a story did not has a rhyme words - this isn't true. Milton himself purposefully chose not to rhyme (Paradise Lost) yet it is still described as a 'poem'.

The most important distinction between most poetry and all types of prose is?

Almost all types of prose can be skilfully condensed into poetry by an experienced hand. And any poem can be aptly elongated and expanded into all types of prose. But only poetry can be sung and musically repeated which makes them pass the ages and gain immortality. This greater repetitional scope i ( Full Answer )

How is prose different from poetry?

The major difference is that poetry has line breaks. Another difference is in the form , or "rules", of poetry, such as meter, rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, assonance , etc. Prose can be defined as the natural conveyance of language. What I have written here is prose, not poetry.

How do plays differ from poetry and prose?

plays are written in much the same way, perhaps with a little more collaberation, but the main difference is that plays are meant to be acted out, on stage or otherwise. Example: Shakespeare plays are very much poetic, but they were intended to be performed onstage.

What is the difference between prose and short stories?

the difference between short stories n articles is ttht short stories are stories wriiten based on real life n articles are stories written about the things tht are realli happening around the world everyday like someone getting killed n etc

What is prose form poetry?

Prose form of poetry is the poetry written in prose form but without considering the usual practices of writing prose with the intention of highlighting the imagery or emotional effect. by D.Venugopalan New Delhi

What is the difference between sonnet and prose?

A sonnet is written following a certain metrical line on its verses (mostly iambic pentameter) and that it also follows a certain rhyming scheme too which is very different from a prose which has no rigid structure and no rhythm and it even goes without the presence of any rhyming couplets. English ( Full Answer )

What is the chief difference of poetry from prose?

Repetitional scope is the chief difference of poetry from prose. They can be sung and so repeated any number of times to one's satisfaction, thereby making them quick to be made by heart and easy to be handed over through generations. When we read good prose- a novel, a short story or an essay, we a ( Full Answer )

What are types of prose and poetry?

Types of prose: nonfictional prose, heroic prose, prose poem,polyphonic prose, alliterative prose, prose fiction and villageprose. Forms of poetry: sonnet, shi, villanelle, tanka, haiku, ode, andghazal. Genres of poetry: narrative, epic, dramatic satirical, lyric,elegy, verse fable, prose poetry, a ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a poetry and music?

well first of all poetry is kind of music, except music has a tune and a beat, while potry is ether rhyming words or words set up in a certain pattern like a diamante or a hiku.

How do you identify prose from poetry?

Prose is writing a paragraph form. Like this, The little deer walked along the forest floor with careful steady steps. Her ears flipped around, listening for any danger. Suddenly a twig cracked behind her and she took off running. That would be prose. Poetry is usually separated into stanzas like ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between teaching of poetry and prose?

Prose is detailed study on actual knowledge based study while poetry is only related to the intellectual property and thinking of an individual. we have to simple reading of phrase but in the poetry we have to use rhythm.

What the difference between narrative and poetry?

the difference between a narrative and poetry is that a personal narrative tells something about your life--and does NOT rhyme. poetry rhymes and doesnt really explain much about yourself... i think thats the answer, hope it helps :D

What is the difference between essay and poetry?

poety is writing on how someone feels or believes, no format essays are based on a subject or event, with statements proving that subject or event and has a specific format

What is the difference between poetry's and prose?

Poetry is written in verse, prose is written continuously. This paragraph is prose. Tea leaf in my cup; Did you see your own future Growing in China? That is an example of (Haiku) poetry.

What is the difference between quote and poetry?

A quote is the repetition of something that has already beenwritten or spoken. Poetry is a genre of literature. Poems can rhymeor not, have a have a distinctive style or not. They are pieces ofwritten work that seek to convey feelings or ideas, or can be usedto reminisce about the past, tell a story ( Full Answer )