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What is the difference between pointers and structure?


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A pointer is a variable. A structure is a type.


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Java doesn't have pointers. C++ has pointers.

difference between pointer or structure

A tree is a structure where each node contains none, one, or more pointers to child nodes. A binary tree is a tree with at most two pointers to child nodes in each node.

A structure is a collection of primitives or other structures. A pointer is a memory address. Comparison of the two is like comparing bowling balls to cinder blocks. You can say that a structure defines the layout of the data, while a pointer points to data that is a particular structure.

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There does not have to be a difference between a tall organization structure and a flat organization structure. These structures can be the same structure.

There is a difference: a pointer is a number that literally points to a place in memory. Arrays are groupings of a type. There is a close relationship between pointers and arrays, however: every expression with arrays (example: array[i]) can be expressed with pointers (example: *(array + i)), because for the computer, an array is just a list of pointers to the type of the array.

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A pointer is simply a variable that can store a memory address and has the same purpose in both languages. The only real difference is that C++ pointers can point at objects (instances of a class) and indirectly invoke their methods, whereas pointers in C (which is not object oriented) cannot.

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the difference is ,a structure is where it is placed and the function is what it daos

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The difference between a structure that is rigid and one that is flexible is that the rigid structure will not bend or flex when force is applied. A structure that is rigid cannot flex.

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The structure tag is a type. The structure variable is an instance of that type.

An array is a collection of objects of similar data type ,whereas pointers are variable which is used to hold the address of the other variable.

Grammar is to structure as the laws of physics are to construction.

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