What is the difference between pro-life and pro-choice?

Pro-life is against abortion. They think the fetus is a creature of it's own and that the mother does not have the right to decide whether it should live or not.

Pro-choice is for the woman's right to choose what will happen to her body and since the fetus is inside of her body and can not live on it's own, it's for her to decide.


To add to the previous answer, anti-choice individuals not only endorse the rights of the fetus over the rights of the impregnated woman, they believe that their viewpoints should be legislated, in order to curtail the rights of all women to make full decisions about their pregnancy. They believe everyone should be legally mandated to follow their opinion. They are pro-life in supporting the life of a fetus; they do not support women's rights to make their own choices in their personal lives. Hence, they are anti-choice.

A pro-choice individual may believe in or not personally believe in abortion, but they support individuals rights to make their own medical decisions (this includes abortion). They want their own choice and believe that every woman has the right to hers.