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What is the difference between purchasing and procurement?


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Procurement is concerned with the overall gathering of resources, while purchasing is the specific act of acquiring something by paying money for it. Purchasing is one form of procurement.


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'Purchasing' denotes that payment was made- procurement does not. See the related links posted below for more data:

The difference between purchasing and procurement is that to purchase something with currency or money. Procurement is the obtaining of goods and services through a bartering system.

Procurement is about buying. Logistics is about transporting.

what is the differnce between total cost ownership and procurement under the lowest purchasing price philosophy?

Materials management covering all the activities related to admin, planning, purchasing & inventory whereas purchasing will be just considering a part of Materials management.

Purchasing is primarily meant for buying one or more products / services in retail for personal use. It can be online and offline. Procurement is primarily meant for buying products / services in bulk for industrial, official use. Again this can be online and offline.

1. A traditional procurement process is a collection of many processes by interacting with other departments of a company or with the supplier. Whereas e-procurement means electronic procurement or online procurement. 2. Traditional procurement can be done by face-to-face, or via telephone. E- Procurement can only be done through online. 3. Traditional procurement is costly E-Procurement is cost effective.

Procurement is concerned with the overall gathering of resources while purchasing and logistics is defined as a business planning framework for the management of material, service, information and capital flows. It includes the increasingly complex information, communication and control systems required in today's business environment.

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A person within an organisation whom has accountibility for purchasing commodities

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Procurement is responsible for establishing bid requests and evaluations, tender process and project management. Purchase is the actual process of buying materials and cost control.

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It will focus on the relationship between purchasing, procurement and supply chain management. Many high profile organizations in the United States have implemented an integrated strategic approach to purchasing and logistics management, which is known as supply chain management. As the 21st century began, supply chain management became a significant strategic tool for organizations striving to improve quality, customer service and competitive advantage. Gene Richter, a former chief procurement officer at IBM, developed a framework that defined four stages of maturity in the procurement function. His work allows procurements officials to understand what it means to be strategic in the purchasing/procurement/supply chain management process.

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The diffidence between shopping and purchasing is in shopping u may not take any thing and then u will not pay for that but in purchasing u will pay for it that is called our need after paying the money before that it is our desire

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