What is the difference between quantitive and qualitive observations?


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Quantitative observations are observations that can be precisely measured. Qualitative observations, meanwhile, are subjective observations that are based on the characteristics of what is being observed.

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the difference is that one has to do with the five senses and the other has to do with number, dates, and graphs

Quantitative observations refer to empirical and/or calculated data, while the latter refer to things such as colour and smell.

Qualitative data has to do with numbers and quantitative has to do with words.Remember that by thinking numbers cant be an opinion, there for the data is a higher quality (qualitative) 8)

Imagine you found a whale with many cuts. Qualitive data would be a description of the whale's general health. Quantitive data would be counting how many cuts the whale has, measuring how deep and long the wounds are. Quantitative = measurement or count Qualitative = an impression, a description, a comparison (no numbers)

quantitive risk assessment is to do with numers, high, medium and low numbers can range from 5 to 1 qualitive risk assessments are words, descriptive words

The main difference between qualitative and quantitative research/observations are the purposes of the observations. Qualitative research uses a small number of cases to determine the underlying reasons and motivations of an action. Quantitative research uses a large number of cases to create a generalized result.

the difference is that results are the answers to the observations.

quantitive means amount, qualitative means quality or the integrity

The quantity is the amount of the object to be researched. The quality is the degree of the standard of excellence

statisctics are raw numbers while quantitive analysis is what those numbers repersent.

a qualitive observation is observing something without using numbers like here is an example: the cell is round with blue cytoplasm in it. a quanitive observation is with using numbers only. here is an example: the tree is 23 inches round and 17ft off the ground. that is the difference.

The first will have numerical values associated wit the observations the second will not.

what is the difference between an observation and an assumption

Qualitative Analysis tells you what is in a sample; Quantitative Analysis is a detailed study of the quantities of each component is in the sample.

Basically qualitative observations are about the properties of what is being observed that do not use numerical units. Quantitative observations are those that do use measurements.

Qualitative observations are non-numerical Quantitative observations are numerical Although sometimes it can be a combination of the above

Quantitative observations are the data collected in an experiment, mostly numbers. Qualitative observations would usually include written answers to analysis questions.

Observations is watching when predictions are estimating or guessing.

i think indirect is like infering read between the lines

The comparison of a quantitative and qualitative is that they are both used in any other subject. The difference of a quantitative and qualitative is that a qualitative is that is has letters. A quantitative is that it has numbers.

Observation is only experimental; from many observations a theory is deducted.

The range is the difference between the largest and smallest observations.

controlled experiments are conducted in the laboratory environment whereas uncontrolled experiments observations data collected over a period of time

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