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metal music is comptetely diffrent from rock.metal consits of stonger level of guitar with its varities and also a more complicated drums patterns which both create a more rapid rythm for ex metal-core`` Atreyu``or even softer rythm than rock ex in few symphonic metal bands like ``Nightwish``.come on just logg in www.spirit of and u`ll see what metal is all about. Metal is Rock. Rock consists of many different sub-genres including metal, which also consists of different sub-genres like deathcore, metalcore, alternative metal

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What is the difference between rock and metal?

Metal is heavier but Rock is older.

What is the difference between Worship rock music and Christian rock music?

There basically is no difference, Worship rock is Christian rock or part of it.

What is the difference between metal and rock?

metal has a more harder beat then rock & usually metal has louder lyrics

What are the similarities between metal and rock music?

They both are hard.

What is the difference between classic rock and heavy metal?

the sound..........

What is the difference between rock and hip hop music?

rock is like headbanging music and hiphop music is like better so there

What is heavy metal rock music?

Heavy metal rock is between death metal and metal. It is not as violent as death metal but is louder and more aggressive than metal. Plus its just called heavy metal, not heavy metal rock.

What is the difference between rock and country music?

They have different Beats.

What is the Difference between music genres?

rap vs rock

What is the difference between rock and rap?

They are 2 different genres of music.

What the difference between rock and roll and rock band?

rock and roll is a type of music and a rock band is a group performing it.

What is the difference between rock n roll and other genres of music?

rock n roll is the best genre of music by far.

The difference between classical music and rock?

Rock music usually has faster beats and is less danceable to, (if you get what i mean) and i think is kooler.

Is metal rock?

Metal has its roots in rock music, and there's a lot of grey area between heavy rock and classic metal. However, the two have become distinct from each other over time.

What is the difference between rock band and rock band 2?

I think the only difference is the music list....and the big number 2 on the box :)

What is the difference between rock and rock?

The rock is the type of music with electric guiters, drums, and singing. The other rock is just smooth and bumpy

What is the difference between a rock star and a pop star?

Rock stars sing rock and roll.Pop stars sing pop music.

Why does heavy metal music have such hard beats?

Heavy Metal was originally coming from Rock. Because Rock isn't that hard like Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal was invented, it shows the difference between both music genres. Heavy Metal must have hard beats as same as country music needs accustic guitars and heartbroken lyrics. Same as techno needs infinite amounts of the same beats with few breaks, but the rythm is the same all the time in a loop.

What type of music is Godsmack?

Metal/Heavy Metal/ Rock

What is the music style of bullet for my valentine?

the music type is nu metal<>not metal rock-ish

How can you tell the difference between rock music and alternative music?

Alternative rock is a kind of rock music, so, there is no difference. There's no such thing as just plain, "rock music," rather, there are dozens of different sub-genres: early rock, folk rock, psychedelic rock, classic rock, punk rock, glam rock, heavy metal, grunge, alternative, etc. And many of the sub-genres have their own sub-genres, like, thrash metal, black metal, progressive metal, Viking metal, speed metal are sub-genres of heavy metal, and proto-punk, post-punk, punk pop, hardcore punk, British punk, New York punk are all sub-genres of punk music. All of these sub-genres and sub-sub-genres can be called "rock music." Like, you can say that Nirvana is a rock band, or, you can be more specific and say they are a grunge band. You can say that Black Sabbath is a rock band, or, you can be more specific and say they are a heavy metal band. Or, you can say the Ramones are a rock band, or, you can be more specific, and say they are a punk rock band. It's sort of like, there's green M&Ms, red M&Ms, blue, orange, yellow, and brown M&Ms, but there are no "plain" M&Ms. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry on alternative rock.

What is metal music?

metal music is a branch of rock music, its much louder, with more complicated guitar playings and drum beats, usually faster than normal rock

What is the best music genre?

rock! and metal

What kind of music is limp bizkit?

Nu-Metal, rap-rock, rap-metal, alternative rock

What genre of music does Linkin Park?

Linkin Park has played various genre of music. They are nu-metal, alternative rock/metal, rap rock, etc.