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Q: What is the difference between salt water and freshwater biomes?
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What are the 3 major water biomes?

Freshwater Biomes, Estuary Biomes, and Marine Biomes

What countries are freshwater biomes located?

theres many water biomes over the world

What are two types of water biomes?

freshwater and saltwater

What is the difference between ecosystems and biomes?

The difference between biomes and ecosystems are that "biomes are large areas made up of many connected land and water ecoystems, and an ecosystem is defined by all of its organisms and its abiotic factors.

What are two main types of aquatic biomes?

Freshwater and salt water

What is the main difference between ocean water and freshwater?


What is the difference between saltwater and water?

saltwater has salt in it, freshwater does not.

Difference between fresh water and marine water?

Differences in fresh water and marine biomes are:Marine biomes have more salt than freshwater biomes.They have different animals; some animals cannot survive in saltwater conditions, so they are freshwater animals.Three fourths (3/4) of the water on earth is made up of marine biomes, while freshwater biomes are found inland as rivers, lakes, and ponds.

What are 2 water biomes?

marine biome and the freshwater biome

What animals are endangered in the freshwater biomes like Louisiana Everglades and Ponds?

A few endangered species found in freshwater biomes include:Red WolfFishing CatManateeHine's Emerald DragonflyShort-necked TurtleCopperbelly Water SnakeKirtland's SnakeSouthern River OtterThere are many more. Many freshwater biomes are considered endangered habitats, so most species of animal limited to freshwater biomes will be listed as endangered.

What are two types of aquatic biomes?

The 7 aquatic biomes are ponds lakes, rivers, streames, estuaries, sea shores,and coral reefs.

What is the difference between marine and freshwater ecosystem is the presence of?

Salt in the water. Salt water.