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What is the difference between sap-bw and sap-bi?


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1) Administrator Workbench is renamed as Data Warehousing Workbench.

2) There are additional modeling options available at left hand side panel in transaction RSA1 as shown below. The additions are 'DataSources' and 'Open Hub Destination'.

3) The functions of the InfoPackage tree are fully covered by process chains. 4) Process Chains are used instead of Event Collector. 5) The 'Remodelling' transaction help you add Key Figures and Characteristics in a Infocube while handling historical data effectively. 6) Infocubes can be included in Infosets. 7) Transformation is used instead of update and transfer rules. 8) ODS objects have been renamed as DataStore Objects. 9) You can access objects till InfoPackage directly from InfoCube as shown below.