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ABAP is the programming language used within SAP to customize, generate forms, generate reports, etc. BASIS is the administration module of SAP, used to control code changes, upgrades, network setup, database admin, etc.

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Which is easy to learn sap basis or sap abap?

Sap abap...

What is the difference between abap and sap?

SAP is a Complete Enterprise Resource Planning Package where as ABAP is the programming language used by SAP to write the code inside the SAP system. ABAP is a programming language used for the development & customization works in SAP ERP.

What is CS module in ABAP?

CS Stands for Customer Services. ABAP is a language, therefore has no modules. What you are referrring to is an ABAP consultant who has experience in SAP CS module.

What is the programming language used in SAP-ABAP?

The syntax of ABAP is somewhat similar to COBOL sample syntax REPORT TEST. WRITE 'Hello World'.

What is the full form of ABAP?

Full form of ABAP is Advance Business Application Programming...

Is SAP ABAP functional or techincal module?

SAP ABAP is a SAP technical module.

Is it abap and abap objects are equal?

ABAP stands for Advanced business Application Programming which is a 4GL language used by SAP to work on the custom developments inside the SAP systems. ABAP Objects are an extension of ABAP in the sense that it brings all the techniques from the Object Oriented Programming in side SAP like inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and so on...!

What is the job of a ABAP code or what kind of a work they do the abap coder?

An ABAP coder is responsible for the customization & other developments works in SAP implementation. For example development of customized reports for a company.

What is SAP ABAP?

ABAP is a programming language used for the customization development works in SAP ERP software,

Which field in MBA after experience in SAP ABAP?

Nada ,zip ,zero opportunities .die abap or take it up from 0.

What is ABAP in SAP?

It's a high level programming language used in SAP

What is the abbreviation of sap language?


Is there scope for ABAP fresher?


What is the key word for square root in abap?

sqrt is inbuilt function available in ABAP to calculate square root of any number.

Where can one find SAP abap jobs in the UK?

There are several online sources where one can obtain information about SAP ABAP jobs in the United Kingdom. Indeed, CWJobs and Technojobs are websites which provide information about SAP ABAP jobs in the United Kingdom.

What are the HTML tags in hr abap?

HR tag places a break between the page in HTML. It is however not supported in the modern versions.

Wether c and c required for ABAP in SAP?

Yes, you should have to some basic knowledge of c/c++. ts helps you a lot when you are doing abap.

What is lock object in sap abap?

The SAP lock concept is based on lock objects Before you can set an SAP lock in an ABAP program, you must first create a lock object in the ABAP Dictionary.When you create a lock object, the system automatically creates two function modules.

If i am a fresher then to can i do sap abap?

yes Its a programming language and anyone with a basic programming knowledge can learn ABAP easily. As a fresher its better to do a course from ant good institute and get certified.

What is the use of the function module in SAP ABAP?

function module

How do you do currency conversion to alphabets in abap?

see related links for the formulas.

What sap module to be best for computer science student?


What is a function module?

Function modules are procedures that are defined in special ABAP programs only, so-called function groups, but can be called from all ABAP programs. Function modules allow you to encapsulate and reuse global functions in the SAP System. They are managed in a central function library. The SAP System contains several predefined functions modules that can be called from any ABAP program. Function modules also play an important role during updating and in interaction between different SAP systems, or between SAP systems and remote systems through remote communications.

Best SAP Training Institutes in Bangalore?

SocialPrachar institute Provides Best SAP ABAP and SAP EHSM Training in Bangalore with Certified Trainers. Register now for our new SAP ABAP Course 3 months exclusive training program includes Training on Advanced SAP ABAP course which includes Control Structures, Branching,Strings, ABAP Directory, Reporting Etc. They will provide you Hands on experience.

Hello all... i am new to sap and want to learn abap can you send me the relevant links where i can find help learning abap programming skills and are there any free softwares downloads?

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