What is the difference between satellite TV and a dish network or DirecTV?


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Satellite TV is a huge style dish made in the 90's usually but is the same as Dish Network and Directv. Also Satellite TV is another way of bringing you your network and local and favorite channels without having to pay a corporate company such as Cableone or Classic or COX or Cambridge.

Dish Network and Directv or DTV.. the differences in these two are simple... Basically here's the deal Dish Network runs of 6 Great Huge Satellites but only uses 2 to 3 depending on your local stations. Directv uses 4 satellites but they are overloaded with 20 million customers and cause Directv to pixelate or lose signal while Dish Network can hold 20 million and not pixelate or lose signal. Another huge deal between them are the dishes and storms. Dish Net can withstand 100mph winds and still not lose a signal DTV can withstand 100mph and lose signal constantly... The main deal here is the design of the dishes the switches and such and also a main factor is who installed them and the ends..

Price, channel choice, how many trees to cut down. Ask the suppliers, they will answer your questions faster then this forum.

Lets not forget the free to air sats, They offer alot of good stuff to watch that is free and i mean free(sports and education are the bulk here)

Here is a website you can reference comparing the two.


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Dish Network and DirecTv are offering the best deals on satellite in Tucson. For Dish Network, call 1-866-942-9155 and DirecTv call (520) 334-1132.

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You should be able to switch between Dish Network and Directv as long as you did not leave in bad standing with either satellite provider (e.g. unpaid balance, or failed to return satellite equipment when disconnected).

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The main difference between DirecTV and Dish Network are the pricing and the content between the two service providers with respect to their packages. The price of these individual packages, such as subscription to music channels, "low-price" packages and "popular" packages, will be proportional to the amount of content you receive.

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Dish Network performed better when I was in an area that had no cable compared to DirecTV.

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There are three satellite tv providers. These are Dish Network, DirecTV and Skyangel. Dish Network was founded in 1995 and has 10 mission subsribers. DirecTV, founded in 1994 has the most subscirbers wtih 14.5 million users. Skyangel began in 1981.

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