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What is the difference between semi-perishable and non-perishable?


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perishable is not biodegradable

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Semiperishable is capable of perishing...

'Nonperishable' is already in English.

bread, cake, pies, pastries and canned food

nonperishable foods are foods that don't spoil or rot such as canned foods .

An adjective, for example: The nonperishable apple never went rotten. The word nonperishable is describing apple, and apple is a noun and adjectives describe nouns.

Cans of food or boxes of noodles are supposed to be nonperishable food items.There you go!

You have spelled it correctly.

Yoghurt is not non-perishable.

Something that won't spoil quickly.

Lutefisk is a particularly nasty, nonperishable foreign food. This fermented fish, stored in a jar or can, has an overwhelming lye odor, but is considered a delicacy in Norway.

Yes, all dried food are non-perishable

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No, it will grow eyes, then sprouts, and then eventually turn to mush and rot.

You can keep some foods out in the open. They are non perishable by nature as they do not decompose.

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