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What is the difference between session and cookies?

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Cookies persist on your local computer, they are small text files that are stored there by websites and web applications that contain some basic information about you as a user.

Sessions are application specific and persist only as long as you are actively engaged with a particular web site. For instance if you leave open do some shopping, then close the web browser before making any purchases, your session has ended, however the cookie that identifies your username still exists on your local computer.

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The session is stored on the web server. The cookies is stored in a little file on users machine. This means that the session is (relatively) secure, whereas the cookie can be edited by the end user.

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Using the remove Attribute tag will just remove the stated attributes from the session. Using session invalidate will terminate the entire session.

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* The main difference between cookies and sessionsis that cookies are stored in the user's browser, and sessions are not. This difference determines what each is best used for.* A cookie can keep information in the user's browser until deleted. If a person has a login and password, this can be set as a cookie in their browser so they do not have to re-login to your website every time they visit. You can store almost anything in a browser cookie. * The trouble is that a user can block cookies or delete them at any time. If, for example, your websites shopping cart utilized cookies, and a person had their browser set to block them, then they could not shop at your website. * Sessions are not reliant on the user allowing a cookie. They work instead like a token allowing access and passing information while the user has their browser open. The problem with sessions is that when you close your browser you also lose the session. So, if you had a site requiring a login, this couldn't be saved as a session like it could as a cookie, and the user would be forced to re-login every time they visit.

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While providing much of the same functionality, a session variable will be deleted at the end of the users session, or visit to your page. A cookie will not expire until the time indicated when it was created. I believe session variables are considered more secure.

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A session key is a temporary encryption keyused between two principals.A master key is a long-lasting key that isused between a key distribution centre and aprincipal for the purpose of encoding thetransmission of session keys.Typically, the master keys are distributed bynoncryptographic means.

A session key is a temporary encryption key used between two principals. A master key is a long-lasting key that is used between a key distribution centre and a principal for the purpose of encoding the transmission of session keys. Typically, the master keys are distributed by noncryptographic means.

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