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multi tasting is doing it with some 1 but single tasking is coin it by yrself :)

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Q: What is the difference between single tasking and multitasking?
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What is the difference between single tasking to multi-tasking?

multiple tasking is that in which more than one tasks are are processed in a single cpu . but when a single task is is going on in a single cpu it single tasking

What is single user single tasking os?

these types of operating systems can not used for multitasking.

What is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking?

no of tasks can be done at a time is called multi tasking no of programmes can be executed in a single system is called multi programming

Was window 7 a single tasking or multitasking?

Multi-tasking. Single-tasking systems would not be able to run multiple programs at once(for example drivers and a browser).

What are examples for Single user multitasking operating system?

Single user, multi tasking

Is Macintosh single tasking or multitasking?

Almost all modern computer hardware, including the Macintosh range of computers, and operating systems are multi-tasking.

Which type of multitasking does UNIX support single user or multi user?

It supports multi-user multi-tasking.

What is the difference between multi-tasking and multi-threading?

multitasking infers the mechanism to run many processes simultaneously with user interaction. multithreading is a mechanism of running various threads under single process within its own space.

Difference between single user single task and single user multitasking?

differences between single user single task os and single user multi task os

What is the difference in single tasking and multitasking in regards to the operating systems task management?

singletasking is OS which will opperate for single operations,Multi-tasking is a property of an Operating System, not hardware. As implied by the other answers, multi-tasking is the ability to actively manage execution of more than one process or thread simultaneously. That is, the Operating System itself can schedule and manage multiple thread or processes running simultaneously.

What is the difference between multi-tasking and multi-processing?

Multitasking is a method for multiple tasks to share a single resource, like a CPU. This is usually accomplished in software via special programming.Multiprocessing is the use of multiple CPUs in the same computer and the method of splitting tasks between them. This is usually done with hardware on the motherboard.

What is the difference between MS-DOS and Windows 7?

There is a big difference between DOS and Windows7,Windows 7 is new operating system and DOS is old operating system from 1980. Windows7 is multitasking and DOS is only single tasking. Windows7 is easy to learn and understand but DOS is not. Windows7 we can play games play songs watch movies but in DOS doesn't.

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What is the difference between single tasking to multi-tasking?

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