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Sperm is a male gamete and an egg is a female gamete. In plants when the male gametophyte undergoes meiosis it produces four sperm cells. When the female gametophyte goes through meiosis it makes one egg cell and three polar bodies. When the process of fertilization occurs in angiosperms (flowering plants) there is double fertilization. Double fertilization is when one sperm fertilizes the egg and another fertilizes a polar body so that in the seed that develops there is the embryo (fertilized egg), and the endosperm (fertilized polar body, nutrition source for embryo).

In animals, eggs are much larger, non-motile, and have a full complement of organelles. They have a larger food store than sperm. Sperm are smaller, flagellated so they can swim, and really only have DNA and mitochondria to power the flagella. Sperm has protein in it's head to dissolve the egg's cell membrane.

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What is the difference between an egg cell and a sperm cell?

an egg cell is in a vagina, which is in a vulva. A sperm cell comes from the soctrum, which is attached to the penis.

What is the difference between female egg production versus male sperm production?

there are 2 eggs produced to every 4 sperm in production

What is the difference between the sperm and egg?

Sperm is a single cell with a head and a tail. Eggs are the things that get fertilized by the sperm and nine months later out pops junior from the vagina.

How many sperm survive to reach the egg?

Between 100 to 500 sperm only reach the egg to be fertilized

What are structural differences between sperm and egg cells?

*the size is different: the egg or ovom is 75000 times larger than a sperm * a sperm has a flagella .

What is the similarity between the sperm cell and the nucleus of the egg cell?

The similarity is that both the sperm and the egg come from the human body.

What is the difference between gamete and a zygote?

Gamete is the term that refers to the individual haploid sex cells, the egg or the sperm, and contains only half of the necessary genetic information for a new organism. A zygote is the diploid result of fertilization between an egg and sperm, which will ultimately grow into the organism.

What is the difference between conception and implantation?

Conception is the point at which the sperm and egg meet also known as fertilisation. Implantation is when the fertilised egg reaches the uterus and implants into the lining of the uterus.

What is the difference between a zygote and a embryo?

A zygote is a fertilized egg, i.e. an egg cell and a sperm stuck together. An embryo is a fetus before it actually looks like a baby.

How long does it take for sperm to meet the egg?

It usually takes between 3-5 days for Sperm to reach & fertilize the egg.

What is the Difference between egg and human cell membrane?

What is the Difference between egg and human cell membrane?

What is the difference between a cell cycle and a egg cycle?

the difference between a cell cycle and egg cycle is...

How can you tell the difference between men sperm and women sperm?

Women don't have sperm.

What is the difference between conception and ovulation?

When a sperm fertilizes a egg and the egg gets implanted in the uterine wall, it is called conception whereas, when the ovaries release a egg into the fallopian tube, which they do every 28 days, it is called ovulation.

What are the 3 main differences between the sperm and egg cell?

*sperm is active while egg is not. *there is absence of vitelline membrane while in egg it is present. *flagellum is present, in egg flagellum is absent.sperm have tail eggs don'tsperm is small eggs are bigsorry that's all i no

Difference between a sperm cell egg cell fertilized egg and zygote?

A zygote is synthesized from the union of two gametes, and constitutes the first stage, Zygotes are usually produced by a fertilization event between two haploid cells.

What is the difference between AIH and AID?

I think AIH means something something husband, i think the sperm is from the husband the egg cell from the surrogate mother

How many chromosomes are usually in each human egg or sperm cell?

A human egg/sperm cell has 23 chromosomes. When the sperm and egg fuse together,, the zygote (fertilised egg) contains 46 chromosomes. Scientists call this the diploid number, with the sperm/egg having a haploid number of chromosomes. This number varies between species.

What is the difference between Azoospermia and Oligospermia?

The former is no sperm the latter is not much sperm

What is the difference between a female sperm whale and a male sperm whale?


What are the chances of gettin pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

Just as good as ejaculating inside. There is no difference between the two when it comes to sperm finding that little egg.

Which part of the sperm enters the egg?

The biggest part of the sperm enters the egg first. The whole sperm eventually is in the egg.

What is the difference between sexual reproduction and genetic variation?

There is no difference. Sexual reproduction is a source of genetic variation. Because during sexual reproduction within humans, a sperm cell and egg, each consisting of different genetic codes, combine to form a completely different DNA. Immediately, a genetic variation occurs between the parents and the offspring because of the union of the gamete cells, a sperm and egg.

In Meiosis what is the difference in egg and sperm reproduction?

You need one sperm and one egg to reproduce. An egg fertilizes the egg, inside of a woman. Think of it as two halves to a whole. The woman has fifty percent of the necessary genes in her egg, and the man has the other fifty percent. Mixing one sperm and another can't make a baby, nor can one egg and another.

What is the difference between a fish egg and a chicken egg?

The difference between a fish egg and a chicken egg became obvious today, Easter Sunday. I had a hard time coloring the fish eggs!

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