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What is the difference between squid and cuttlefish?

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The only biological answer is that both have a small internal support. in squids this is thin uncalcified material and is known as a pen. in cuttlefish it it a hard bony plate. people will also say things like that cuttlefish are broader, or have eyes towards the front of their head but there are so many variations between species of cephalopods that this is not reliable. hope this helps.

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What is the Difference between cuttlefish and a dogfish?

A cuttlefish is related to the squid, a dogfish is related to the shark, they are NOTHING alike.

How fast are Cuttlefish?

cuttlefish are slower then a squid but still fast

What is a cuttlefish?

a cuttlefish is a mollusca that looks like a tiny squid

Where does sepia come from?

From cuttlefish (squid)

Are octopi also known as cuttlefish?

No. Octopi and cuttlefish are related, but they are not the same. Both belong to a class of marine invertebrates cephalopods, which also includes squid. One key difference is that squid and cuttlefish each have eight arms plus two tentacles while an octopus simply has eight arms.

Are cuttlefish chips really made from cuttlefish?

Yes, they are. They are often not just cuttlefish, but also include dried squid.

Is a cuttlefish a cephalopod?

Yes. Cuttlefish are cephalopods alongside octopi, squid, and the painted nautaulis.

What is the Japanese word for cuttlefish?

The Japanese word for cuttlefish is Ika also used forsquid.

What is a close relative to a octopus?

The squid and the cuttlefish.

What are the difference between cuttlefish and octopus?

I think the difference is that cuttlefish has less legs than an octopus. =) =ㅇ =D!An octopus also has no shell, while cuttlefish have an internal shell

Is a cephalopod a cuttlefish?

Not generall. All cuttlefish are cephalopods, but not all cephalopods are cuttlefish. Cephalopods also include octopi, squid, and nautili.

What are the kinds of cephalopods?

the octopus, squid, nautilus & cuttlefish

What kind of squid can you eat?

Species of squid which are most commonly eaten include:cuttlefishSparkling Enope (firefly) squidspear squid

Are cuttlefish real?

Yes. Cuttlefish are marine invertebrates related to squid. see the link below for the Wikipedia article.

What do cuttlefish and squids have that octopus lacks?

octopuses has no outer or inner shellwhereas both squid and cuttlefish has one

Mollusks with a shell?

Snails, clams,squid, cuttlefish, octopi

What are squid octopus and cuttlefish classified as?

They are all classified as cephalopods.

What are the types of molluks?

Octopus Squid Cuttlefish Snail Clam

What other sea animal is like a squid?

An octopus or a cuttlefish.

Are cuttlefish invertebrates?

Cuttlefish are in fact invertebrates. This is because they are not actually fish, as their names hint. Cuttlefish are mollusks, and are in the same group of animals as species such as octopuses or squid.

What shape is a cuttlefish?

it sort of looks like a squid but a lot smaller. You can look it up on www.google.com then just type in cuttlefish

What animal group does a squid belong to?

The animal group that a squid belongs to is the cephalopod genus. Cuttlefish are also cephalopods.

How fast can cuttlefish swim?

They are slower than a squid, but they are still fast.

Is the octopus a predator?

Yes. It eats crabs, squid, cuttlefish, ect.

What does a beluga eat?

A beluga eats squid, cuttlefish and arctic fish.

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