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Staining can mean the same as spotting really. But I think staining is stained underwear due to a discoloured or bloodish like discharge. Spotting is just that. Spots of blood in your underwear or when you wipe on tissue paper or it can also be a streak of blood in the above situation.

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Q: What is the difference between staining and spotting during pregnancy?
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What is the difference between spotting as an early sign of pregnancy versus spotting as a side effect of birth control?

Hello - The difference covers a wide area. The difference is - pregnancy spotting is usually implantation bleeding. Spotting due to birth control is caused by a hormonal imbalance or the doseage of BCP not being high enough for you.

What does spotting between periods mean?

When spotting occurs between menstrual periods, there can be many causes. Spotting can occur due to hormonal changes, birth control, or implantation bleeding of pregnancy.

What is the difference between spotting and staining?

I've had some spotting/staining for almost 2 wks now (off and on - it started at 5 wks and I almost 7 wks now). Most of the time the staining is a nudish color and happens occassionally when I wipe. Twice I've had some darker color red, but it was really light and only happened when I wiped, then turned light brown, then went away (kind of, then I had a little staining). if you go to check the click below

What is spotting between periods?

Break through bleeding/spotting. It is caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance etc

What is the difference between painting and staining wood?

baby baby

What is the difference between menstraution and spotting?

spotting is just a few drips of pink or red... while menstruation is just a regular flow.

How do you know the difference between pregnancy vaginal bleeding and a period?

in pregnancy vaginal bleeding is very very light. so that that you really dont need a pantie liner. the spotting also is usually a brownish color and not a bright red period blood.

Is spotting normal at any other time besides pregnancy?

Yes. Spotting can happen between periods for several reasons. Birth control pills, ovulation,vaginal dryness or infection and stress can all be contributing factors toward spotting between periods.

You had a normal period last month this month you had spotting Should you take a pregnancy test?

If you are on birth control then that is normal because it is a side effect. Bleeding between periods can be pregnancy BUT its depends on the person. There are many other reasons why you can be spotting.

How do you know the difference between early pregnancy spotting and a light period?

There may not be much difference although implantation spotting (if you have it) is usually just that, a few spots only, whereas a light period is steady over a few days. answer There is 2 bleedings you can have in pregnancy one called spotting and one called Implantation bleeding. Implantation blood can last from 1-2 days its just a spot of blood. Spotting can last a few days up to 6 days and it just a light period I got told but proper light.

What is the difference between leishman staining and giemsa staining?

Leishman staining is used for staining blood in microscopy and its purpose is to both identify and differentiate trypanosomas, leucocytes and malaria parasites. Giesma staining is used to stain DNA region, specifically chromosomes in order to locate aberrations like rearrangement and translocations.

Can you have spotting and cramping if you're not pregnant?

Yes. You can have spotting in between cycles or at the start of a very light period. Take a home pregnancy test if you'd like to confirm whether or not you are pregnant

What is the difference between pregnancy and gestation?

Gestation is used for animal, but pregnancy use for human.

Is there a difference between spotting and having a period when you are on the shot?

i think there is because, spotting is usually lighter then a period and the shot causes your hormones to act up. which would in some cases cause some spotting.

How can you tell the difference between stress and pregnancy?

A test.

What is the difference between a magnetic object and magnetic?


How can you tell the difference between false pregnancy and real pregnancy?

take a test or go to the doctor.....

You are 5 weeks pregnant and you experienced spotting?

Sometimes, it can be harmless. With a brand new pregnancy it is possible to have some spotting as the body adjusts to this state. However, it could also indicate a problem with the pregnancy. I myself started light spotting between my sixth and seventh week, and then miscarried soon after. The best thing you can do is consult your physician in this situation.

What is he difference between human and animal pregnancy?

Well since humans are animals, there is no difference. Einstein.

Is spotting and cramping a early sign of pregnancy if you haven't got your period yet?

Not really. Typically your ovulation "toggles" between the two ovaries and so your period may be lighter or heavier depending. Spotting or cramping comes later.

Why would you spot between periods if a pregnancy test was negative?

A hormonal imbalance is a possible reason for spotting between periods & so is irregular periods. See your doctor for a examination.

How can you tell the difference between pregnancy and weight gain?

A positive pregnancy test is usually a good way to tell the difference. They are available for very cheap at any pharmacy or grocery store.

What will happen if you don't take a week break between NuvaRings?

if you don't take a week break between NuvaRings, you are not at increased risk of pregnancy; in fact, your pregnancy risk may be lower. You will probably skip your period, but may have unscheduled bleeding or spotting while the second ring is in.

Why gram staining is important?

Gram staining is important because to differentiate between gram positive and gram negative

What are the symptoms of a twin pregnancy?

There is no difference between a single fetus or twins. The symptoms are the same.