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Current electricity- is powered by things like power plants, wind mills, solar energy, and burning fossil fuels. Current electricity is used to power things like light bulbs, televisions, and kitchen products.

Static Electricity- is powered by electrons moving from one thing to another and there is not enough power to power things we use everyday.

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What is the difference between the current and electricity?

Current specifically refers to the movement electrons through an electric conductor. Electricity is a more general term.

What is the difference between dc and ac electricity?

Alternating Current (AC): electric current that flows back and forth at regular intervals called cycles. Direct Current (DC): electric current flowing in one direction. So the only difference between them is the way the current flows beneath them.

What is the difference between electric charge and electric current?


Do you use static electricity in your homes or current electricity?

electric current (alternating)

Similarities between between static electricity and current electricity?

they both transfer electric charges. they both work with conductors and insulators. they both build up charges. they are both a form of electricity.

What is the difference between electricity and electric current?

Electricity is an abstract noun encompassing all electrical phenomena. Electric current is a flow of charged particles called electrons. The word comes from the Greek word for Amber, because when they rubbed amber it caused sparks.

What is the difference of electronics to electricity?

electricity is an electric current created by the transfer of electrons from atom to atom. electronics are machines that run on electricity.

What subatomic particle is most directly related to current electricity?

Electrons are mostdirectlyrelated to electric current. (Electric current is caused by the movement of electrons between atoms.)

What is the difference between electric currents and electric charge?

Electric current is a flow of electrons is a measure of the quantity of electrical charge passing any point of the wire in a unit time.And, electric current is measured in ampere (A).Whereas, electric charge is the quantity of electricity that flows in electric currents . And , it is measured in coulomb (C)

The steady flow of electricity is called?

Electric current

Which electrical protective device is designed to detect a difference in current between circuit wires and interrupt the circuit and stop the flow of electricity?

A resistor is a device designed to detect difference in current and stop the flow of electricity. On most every type of electric engine or circuit has a resistor.

Difference between static electricity and current electricity?

Static electricity is the accumulation of electrons on an object, while current electricity is simply a closed path that electrons follow.

What is the difference in cost between electric kitchen stoves and those designed to run on gas?

The difference in cost between electric kitchen stoves and those designed to run on gas is not a significant figure. The cost difference comes with the use of the oven. An electric version will be far more expensive to operate given current electricity costs.

What is the difference between current electricity and charge separation?

I have not found the answer to this question.

What is electricity that flows?

dynamic electricity or electric current

The difference-relationship between static and current electricity?

In current electricity we discuss moving charges while stationary charges are studied in static electricity.

How are electricity and static electricity different?

none, except:static electricity is electric charge without current flow, usually induced by friction between two different insulating materials.dynamic electricity is electric charge with current flow.when static electricity is discharged it is no longer static, as there is current flow during the discharge.

What is the difference between current electricity and static electricity?

current electricity is electricity used in a currents to power devices. static electricity is when friction is made between to objects causing neutrons to jump from one object to another at the speed of light

How is electricity stored in batteries?

Actually electricity is not stored in batteries but some chemicals are stored in it. When the chemicals are made to react, the reaction creates a potential difference between the two terminals and electric current is made to flow.

What is the difference between amps and watts?

Amps is an electric current unit and watt is an electric power unit.

Difference between electric and electronic machines?

Electric machines use heavy current while the electronic machines use the light current.

What is the difference between electricity and magnetism?

The difference between electricity and magnetism is that you must be in the same frame of reference as the electric field to experience electricity, because all that magnetism is, is electricity moving relative to you.Although they are two different forms of energy, you can use magnetism to create electricity and you can use magnetism to create electricity.Electricity is the flow of energy or current through a metallic substance. Magnetism is the attraction of the metallic molecules in a solid or substance.

How is static electricity different from electric current?

A: No difference both are electrons. static however is a potential yet to happen while electric is actually flowing

Describe the major difference between static electricity and current electricity?

By definitions, static electricity is static, i.e. still, unmoving; current electrcity is moving in a current or flow from one place to another.

What do you use for electric current?

Electricity has been found to be the best thing to use for an electric current.

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