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What is the difference between strategy and method?


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A method typically involves a set of actions that can be followed in a given situation. A strategy involves a plan for how to solve a problem. While methods tend to be fairly constant, strategy can be updated depending on the circumstances or the actions of others. For example, there is a method to ship-building. There is a strategy to winning a game. If you follow the correct procedure to build a ship, you will end up with a correctly built ship. The outcome of a game, on the other hand, depends on the other players and your response to them, so your actions will be part of a strategy. A method will not work because the same actions on your part will not always result in the same outcome.

For example, at school:

* Method is the way the teacher approaches the students.

* Strategy is the action to be taken by the students to reach the objective.

strategy is how you plan to do something, mehtods are how you actually do it.