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What is the difference between strategy and objective?

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An objective is a description of the end result you want to achieve (the "what").

Objectives are typically more meaningful if they are SMART

Specific (from where, to where)

Measurable (how will we know when the objective has been met?)

Ambitious but achievable (otherwise, why bother)

Realistic (!)

Timed (by when)

A strategy describes the method by which an objective will be reached (the "how").

Strategy - as opposed to plans or tactics - usually implies a grand, overarching view of how all the tools and levers available will be deployed to work together.

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The difference between objective and strategy?

An objective is a goal to be achieved. A strategy is a method of achieving this goal.

Difference between global and transnational strategy?

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Strategy vs policy or differences between strategy and policy?

There is a great difference between strategy and policy. A strategy is a method of approach or a plan which is developed with the objective of achieving a certain goal. Policy, on the other hand, is the scope within which decisions are taken by the subordinates in a company.

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What is the difference between strategic goals and strategic objectives?

If you are confused about the difference between goals, objectives and strategies then remember that:A goal is where you want to be, a destinationAn objective is the direction you have to take to get to your destinationA strategy is what you have to do to get thereThe following analogy may help:My goal is to become a millionaireMy objective is to increase my wealthOne strategy I will employ is to undertake education to give me the skills I need

What is the difference between a research question and a research objective?

the difference between a research question and objective is the question is about the research the objective is what you want to prove with the research

What is the difference between a target and an objective?

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What is objective information?

Objective is a statement that is completely unbiased. It is not touched by the speaker's previous experiences or tastes. It is verifiable by looking up facts or performing mathematical calculations. Read more: Difference Between Objective and Subjective | Difference Between | Objective vs Subjective

What is the difference between subjective and objective feedback?

Subjective is opinions and objective is facts.

What difference between objective and subjective morality?

Subjective is the fact and objective is your opinion

Difference between Low Power Objective and High Power Objective?

the difference between the low power and high power objectives on a microscope are that the low power objective has a lesser magnification than the high power objective

Difference between corporate level strategies and business level strategies?

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Explain the difference between pure strategy and mixed strategy?

land mera

What is the difference between strategy and planning?

The difference between strategy and planning is to plan, you brainstorm, write down what you want to happen, etc. A strategy is an exact step by step procedure you are going to follow.

Difference between ocular and objective lens?

A theory

What is the difference between scope and objectives?

scope is why to do and objective is how to do

What is the Difference between teaching method and teaching strategy?

* Method is the way the teacher approaches the students.* Strategy is the action to be taken by the students to reach the objective.*Strategy is planned-a systematic approach to a problem

Difference between a business aim and business objective?

a business aim is what they aim to do and a business objective is what they plan to do

Describe the difference between an aim and an objective?

i wii expalin by example aim- my aim is to become a millionare objective- my objective is to sell this stock.

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What is the difference between financial objectives and strategic objectives?

Any objective that is market based is strategic objective. Any objective that can be derived from financial statements is financial objective.

What is the difference between a turnover strategy and a conversion strategy?

Turnover strategy would be a complete redo and a conversion strategy would just need a few chamges.

What is the difference between refracting and reflecting telescopes?

Reflecting telescopes have a mirror for its objective. Refracting telescopes have a lens for its objective.