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difference between pointer or structure


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A pointer is a variable. A structure is a type.

The stack is a memory structure where your programs can store data. The stack pointer is the variable that "points" to the current location of the top of the stack.

A structure is a collection of primitives or other structures. A pointer is a memory address. Comparison of the two is like comparing bowling balls to cinder blocks. You can say that a structure defines the layout of the data, while a pointer points to data that is a particular structure.

Pointer which stores address of structure is called pointer to structure. Explanation : 1)sptr is pointer to structure address. 2) -> and (*) both represents the same.

1. pointer to a constant means you can not change what the pointer points to 2. constant pointer means you can not change the pointer.

Pointer holds an address Array holds values

The former is variable, the latter is constant.

A pointer is not a structure (primitive or otherwise).

Generic pointer of type 'void *' is compatible with any (data-)pointer, but you cannot use the following operators on it: + - ++ -- += -= * -> []

premitve is a int char float , pointer.... n non premitive is a arrays, structure, union

There is no similarity between the two.

The difference that i learnt very recently and the one i remember :-)Reference cannot be changed whereas pointer value can be changed.Actually, const pointer = reference.

difference between serch data structure and allocation data structure

They are entirely different things, there is no point in comparison.

There does not have to be a difference between a tall organization structure and a flat organization structure. These structures can be the same structure.

A void pointer is a pointer that has no type information attached to it.A null pointer is a pointer that points to "nothing". A null pointer can be of any type (void included, of course).

If by 'void pointer 0' you mean '(void *)0', then it is equal to NULL.

the difference between an organisational structure and a matrix structure is that a matrix structure is a combined structure whereas an organisational structure is in a vertical order and has different levels.

difference between formal organization structure and informal organization structure.

A pointer is an object that contains the address of another object. A deference'ed pointer is an object. It was a pointer, but its address was used to locate and use that other object as if it was the original target of the instruction.

All buildings are structures but not all structures are buildings

It is a pointer that points to a member of a structure.

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