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Methodists are a subset of Protestant. Methodists are a kind or type of Protestant, most likely derived from the Calvinism. Presbyterians are more Calvinist; Methodists are derived from Anglicans.

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What is the difference between Methodist and Baptist?

A Methodist is a member of the Christian Protestant denomination. A Baptist is a member of a Protestant Christian denomination advocating baptism only of adult believers by total immersion.

What is the difference between the church of England and the protestants?

The Church of England is a Protestant Religion. Protestant is different from Catholic, within the Christian Faith.

What is the difference between Methodist and Christian?

The United Methodist Church is a Christian denomination.

What is the difference between the Catholic Church and the Methodist Church?

Catholics follow the rule of the Pope in Rome. Methodists, being a protestant sect of Christianity, have nothing to do with the Roman papacy.

What is the difference between religion and Islam?

There is no difference. Islam is a religion.

What is the difference of protocanonical and deuterocanonical?

the difference between the two is that the protocanonical books are the ones which includes some of the books in the protestant religion, while deuterocanonicals are purely catholic books in the bible.

Difference between Lutheran and Methodist?

Lutheran and Methodist faiths are Protestant religions. They were both formed during the 16th century, but they see things a little differently. Lutherans believe that unconverted people are spiritually dead and Methodists believe the unconverted have free will in all spiritual matters.

What is the difference between Methodist and Christian's?

Methodism is a type of Christianity. A methodist is a type of christian. A view of free will in God's grace

What are some major differences between the Catholic and Methodist faiths?

The Methodists, being a Protestant religion, do not recognize the Pope. They do not have the traditions that the Catholics have. Methodists emphasize the individual relationship that the believer has with God; intermediaries (like the priesthood), are not required.

What is the difference between a sect and a religion?

Sects are usually a subset of any religion. The problem is setting the "base" group. Are Baptists a Protestant sect. Are Protestants a Christian sect. Are Christians a Jewish sect.

What is the difference between Southern Baptist and Methodist?

I grew up down south and was told the difference is that baptist ,their baptism is done by dipping you in water and that Methodist sprinkle water on your head.

What is the difference between a Christian and a Methodist church?

There is not really a difference. I go to a Methodist church. We all are Christians: Baptist, Methodist, Christian, just all different names mostly. We all are Christian and believe in God with some small differences.

What is the difference between Lutheran and protestant?

A Lutheran is a Protestant, but not all Protestants are Lutheran. Protestants are non-Catholic Christians, such as Lutherans. However, Lutherans aren't the only non-Catholic Christians. There are many other non-Catholic Christians such as Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Mennonites.

What is the difference between the Episcopal Church and the Methodist church?

Episcopal church believed the apostles creed of the Catholics while Methodist did not accept it as their teaching.

What are difference between religion and philosophy?

The difference between religion and philosophy is that religion gives unwarranted answers while philosophy asks questions.

What is the difference between Methodists and congregationalists?

A major difference between Methodists and Congregationalists is the fact that the Methodist church has bishops while the Congregationalists elect their deacons in the church. The Methodist church also has creeds and the lectionary that are similar to the Church of England.

What is the difference between uniting church and Roman Catholicism?

The Uniting Church is Protestant, as oppose to Catholic. Google "reformation" :) The Uniting Church is also made up of 3 denominations that joined together: The Presbyterian, Congregationalist and Methodist.

What is the difference between the church of England and the Methodist church?

The Church of England, or Anglican church was once upon a time Catholic. It was controlled by the pope. Then it became Protestant. From that Anglican church came an Oxford educated priest named John Wesley. He, with the help of his brother Charles and many others, began a movement which evolved into the Methodist Church. So, one is the state church of England, the other an international protestant denomination.

Whats the difference between being Catholic Protestant and Orthodox?

The main difference is the authority of the pope. Catholics accept it, Protestants and Orthodox don't. There are some differences in the cannon (list of books) included in the Old Testament (although they all have the same New Testament). There are several different types of Protestant religions (Lutheran, Methodist, Anglican, etc) which have differences between themselves and differences between Catholic/Orthodox. So complicated to get into more specifics.

What are the differences between Catholic and Protestant sports?

There is no difference. Catholics play the same sports and in the same manner as a Protestant.

What is the difference between a protestant and a born again Christian?

The difference between being a protestant and a being born again christain is protesant is a religion like roman catholic is just a religion but beinga born again i christain snt its a personal walk with gods lovely son who died for us at calvary who shed his blood to forgive our sins and that wasnt all he rose again and is one day returning for all who belong to him being a protestant wont get you into heaven but being a born again christain and loving and serving the lord will

What is the difference between the church of Ireland and a protestant?

Protestant is a broad term for a number of Christian religions. The Church of Ireland is one of the Protestant Churches in Ireland.

What is the difference between protestant and presbyterian?

Presbyterians are just one type of Protestant denomination. So, all Presbyterians are Protestant, but not all Protestants are Presbyterian.

What is the difference between the Catholic religon and the Christian religion?

The Catholic religion is the original Christian religion. All other Christian denominations can trace their roots back to the Catholic Church. Since there are about 33,000 Protestant denominations, it would be impossible here to discuss all the differences.

What is the difference between Catholic religion and Christian religion?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe question, as asked, makes no sense, as the Catholic religion IS the Christian religion, thus there is no difference.

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