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What is the difference between the right scapula and the left?


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There is as such no difference between them


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The left clavicle is ipsilateral to the left scapula, and contralateral to the right.

There are two scapulas right n left

The left lung is on the left and the right lung is on the right.

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the blood on the right side is the same as the blood on the left

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There are many differences between the right and left side of the heart. However, the major difference between these sides of the heart is that blood is taken into the left side of the heart while the right side pushes the blood through the body.

Standing beside it on the side you get in on. Left and right refer to which end the drain is on.

One difference between the left side and the right side of the heart is that the left side pumps blood to the body and the right side pumps blood to the lungs. Another difference is that the right side has a tricuspid valve and the left side has a mitral valve.

There are many differences between the right and left sides of the heart including pressure, musculature, and size. The primary difference is that the blood on the left side of the heart is oxygen-rich, and on the right is oxygen-poor.

Standing in front of it, facing it, left or right refers to which end the drain is on.

The right atrium is bigger than the left. This difference is because the right receives blood from the entire systemic circulation, while the left receives blood only from the pulmonary circulation.

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the right artrium carries deoxygenated blood, while the left atrium carries oxygenated blood

left pumps oxygenated blood to the body where as right pumps deoxygenated blood to lungs.

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