What is the difference between vagina and urine hole?


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The vagina is where the penis is inserted, the urine hole or "urethra" is above the vagina.

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No. they are different. Hole for urine is placed anterior to vagina and is very small.

No. The vulva contains one hole for the urethra(for urine) and one hole for the vagina(for sexual reproduction).

No.. the entrance to the uterus and the entrance to the bladder are totally separate.

What, you mean your VAGINA? Define hole?

Urination (pissing) does not occur through the vagina. Urine passes through the urethra, a small opening in front of the vagina.

Urine is released from the urethra, not the vagina. ----- Yes it is the urethra and yes females get rid of urine through the same tube the urethra but is different then the actually hole where babies come out... if you know what i mean

A vagina is an opening in the females body. So the vagina technically is a hole.

No, they urinate from a hole between the clitoris and the vagina.

Its not the butt hole,and its not the hole in front of it. If you look a vagina there should be 3, The first one in the front is the vagina

Well theres a difference u could c the butt hole n tha vagina if the gurl is on her back with her legs open the vagina is the top hole n the butt hole is in the bottom unless she sum type of creature xp

There is only one opening to the vagina. The three openings in a female between her legs are the rectum, the vagina, and the urethra. The vagina is in the middle of the other two.

There is more than one hole around the vagina. There are three holes total. The hole in the front is the smallest and it is where your urine comes out of. The middle is where the entrance to your uterus is and where the penis is supposed to go when you are having sex. The final hole is the farthest back and that is called your anal. That is where your poop comes out of.

Right between the legs looking from the front.

no; the vagina is for menstruation, intercourse and child-birth and is below the urethra, where urine is released.

First look between her legs then you should see her butt hole and a hole above that with little skin flaps called labia. Spread open the labia and the bigger hole is the vagina.

There is no difference, they are same... Hole

The difference is by just looking at the private parts or bladder. By just looking at them you will know that a girl has a vagina (which looks like a hole) and a boy has a penis (which is a bit like a stick)

Not usually. Sometimes, there can be damage (for example from sexual abuse) from tissue tearing and a hole called a fistula can open up between the bum and vagina. This is a serious medical problem and should be refered to a hospital.

If by which hole, you mean either the vagina or the anus, it would definitely be the vagina.

Tampons go into the vagina, the whole where the menstrual flow comes out of your body. Urine comes out of the urethra, a tampon cannot be inserted into the urethra.If you do not understand basic female anatomy you should not be using tampons at all.

the differece is a just like black hole and gutter hole.

The vagina is a hole. That is the hole at the bottom of the vulva area and in front of the anus (where the intestines exit and we excrete solid waste).

There is no difference between the two. The global depletion of ozone is the hole over ozone only.

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