What is the difference between wholesale banking and retail banking?


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Wholesale banking is the business transactions that go on between banks. Retail banking has to do with direct customers of the bank.

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The difference between retail and wholesale banking is much like the difference between retail and wholesale food procurement. The methods are very similar however, it is necessary to be well educated in the industry to insure getting the best product at the best price. Retail is for consumers, wholesale is for the industry.

Retail baningDeals with large no. of small value transactions whereas wholesale banking deals with a small no of large value transaction

wholesale sells to businesses, retail sells to public.

Retail are sales direct to the consumer and wholesale is when you sell to a distributor who then resells.

Retail Banking is nothing but the one which directly deals with and stands for General Public . And the other types like Commercial and corporate are what we can say as Non-Retail Banking

Retail banking directly deals with the individual end users , whereas corporate banking mainly deals with companies.

Basically, retail travel is traveling by singles while wholesale travel is traveling by bulk or by many.

retail banking is a bank doing business with individual customers. wholesale banking is a bank doing business mostly with financial institutions.

The different types of banking services are:Commercial BankingInvestment BankingRetail BankingWholesale BankingRural BankingPrivate Banking

There is a large difference between wholesale and retail prices for any product. Wholesale price are much lower so the retailer is able to markup the price and make a profit off the sale of the item.

A wholesale license enables businesses to purchase from manufacturers. A retail license enable business owners to sell goods and services to consumers.

A wholesale mortgage is done through a broker who then originates it with the bank that funds the loan. A retail mortgage is originated directly with the bank that will fund the transaction.

the answer is based on the reasons below;-Size of transactionsType of customersvolume of transactionsInterest ratesVolume of activityDistribution of services

My understanding is that the main difference is that wholesale florists sell large quantities of flowers to large customers, which can include retail florists, or for large events, such as weddings. Retail florists tend to sell smaller quantities of flowers, usually to individual customers. A great example of a wholesale florist that I work with is

Wholesale - selling to other businesses Retail - selling to consumers Consumers - general public

Wholesale: This is the selling process in which the bulk of unit purchase only can be done with lesser price in compared to maximum retail price. Retail Sale: This is the selling process in which a single or bulk units purchase can be done with maximum retail price.

The main difference between wholesale and retail sales, is that wholesale is done in large quantity, to dealers, and retail is then done in smaller quantity to individual customers. So when something is done in large quantity it can metaphorically be called wholesale. If you copy one paragraph, that is small scale copying, but if you copy a whole book, that is wholesale copying.

They are both one and the same. The kind of services offered by them and the type of customers they serve are similar and so there are not any major differences between them.

A wholesale bathroom vanity differs from one sold in a retail store by price and quantity. Usually a wholesale price is a discounted price because the consumer is buying more than 1 item.

Retail banking is one which provides banking or financial services directly to consumers, rather than corporations or other banks. In other words, Retail Banking focuses on catering banking needs of individual customers in an integrated manner. Retail banking services include installment loans, residential mortgages, equity credit loans, deposit services, and individual retirement accounts. Retail banking is a high volume business with many service providers competing for market share. Some retail banking services, for example, credit cards, are among the most profitable services offered by financial institutions.In contrast with this, wholesale-bankingor corporate banking focuses more on corporate-style entities and high-value transactions, providing a broad range of services to large corporations, mid-sized companies and small businesses. Often, a financial institution will provide these services at discounted rates based on the number of services at a package. This approach makes it more attractive for a company to place all financial matters with a single institution rather than using different banks and agencies for each banking service that the business needs to function. The advantage of wholesale banking is the easy access to the total financial portfolio, which makes transfers between accounts much simpler. Wholesale banking also includes features that allow for efficient transfers of funds and other financial instruments between financial institutions.Commercial banking is normal banking business done for profit considerations. Corporate banking is financing corporates. M.J. SUBRAMANYAM, BANGALORE

Retail Banking is the practice of financial transaction carried out between consumer and institution. Retail banking dates back to early 16th century when the British started trading across continents.

Yes, consumer banking is basically the same as retail banking.

The antonym for wholesale is retail.

The organizational structure of the ICICI Bank is divided into retail banking, wholesale banking, project finance, special assets management, international business and corporate center.

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