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What is the difference in time between Halifax Nova Scotia and Kazan in Russia?


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Kazan is 7 hours ahead of Halifax.

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Clarification of question needed. Halifax is IN Nova Scotia.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is one hour ahead of Punta Cana from spring to autumn while Halifax is on daylight savings time. Both Halifax and Punta Cana are in the Atlantic time zone. Punta Cana, however, does not observe daylight savings time.

5 PM There is a one hour time difference between Nova Scotia and New England.

Halifax Nova Scotia Temple was created in 1999.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is on GMT -4 and Cancun, Mexico's time zone is GMT -6, so there is a two hour difference. Halifax is two hours ahead of Cancun. For example: If it is 8:00 am in Halifax, it would be 6:00 am in Cancun.

No, Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia is in Canada. Halifax in England is in Yorkshire.

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Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.

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Distance between providence ri and halifax nova scotia1 194 kilometres (742 miles). travel time: 12 h 52 min.

The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax.

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.

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