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What is the difference of physical fitness to physical education?


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Physical Fitness is when you are phyisicaly excersise. and Physical education is basically learning about it.


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Physical education is the study that uses physical activity and physical fitness is good physical condition.

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Physical education is an education towards physical activity and fitness

Physical fitness is just one portion of physical education. Physical fitness can refer to strengthening your body either by cardiovascular endurance or strength training. Physical education can then go on to include sport education, locomotor and non-locomotor education and the teaching of manipulative skills.

Physical education includes anything from exercise to fitness

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To maintain our body by doing regular exercise and balance diet is called physical fitness.

is the source of p.e that the fitness is physical

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Is a component of movement education. Can be defined as that part of the curriculum that emphasizes the importance of physical activity and physical fitness to a healthy and productive quality of life.

the major goal of the physical education is to become healthy and strong

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physical education mean fitness for health and strong bones and all that good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

adapted physical education is in reference to physical education with special needs children

Physical fitness is when you set a personal goal for yourself and a sport it when you play for a team

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Herodotus recognized physical education and physical fitness as crucial parts of medicine, as early as the 5th century BC.

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Physical fitness pertains to your ability to perform well in a broad range of physical tasks. Simply "fitness" may include mental fitness, the fitness of some object towards a certain utility - "fit/unfit for human consumption", etc.

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